How my hate for ironing brought on the Seamless Pledge.

I hate ironing. I hate it with a deep fiery passion. I don’t know why but I just do. And because I hate it so much I can’t think of enough excuses not to do it. This time I found enough excuses to put off ironing for 43 days. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not proud of it. I just hate ironing that much 🙂 (I don’t hate pressing, learned to love that the hard way) The thing is, I have a huge wardrobe. I have tons of clothes and that’s why I can put it off for so long. … Continue reading How my hate for ironing brought on the Seamless Pledge.

Just couldn’t wait for the sewalong.

On Thursday I got the Briar pattern in the mail! Yay, I was so excited! I couldn’t wait to get started.But past mistakes taught me that I had to carefully plan my garment. I had this moss green knit for quite some time. I loved it, I bought it… Simple as that! But not as simple as finding a matching pattern. Until I saw the Briar pattern. This was my first attempt at outside pictures. It’s hard this time of year because I leave home in the dark and by the time my boyfriend gets home to take the pictures … Continue reading Just couldn’t wait for the sewalong.

It was totally foolproof, so I messed it up!

My sewing week hasn’t started all that well. Sunday I decided to make a skirt I had made twice before ( I wasn’t going to do it anymore but I needed something fast and easy) I had the perfect jersey and when laying out my pattern pieces I noticed that there was enough fabric left over to make a matching top. I decided to go for a Banksia (since I did that three times before) Somehow the Banksia refused to be sewn together. I tried saving it by adding a collar (cut from a top I messed up before) but … Continue reading It was totally foolproof, so I messed it up!

Bad week but at least some good has come of it.

This hasn’t been such a good week… 1. I had a bad case of the stomach flu. I’m never sick, but when I am, it just knocks me right off my feet. 2. I ordered a blind zipper foot for my sewing machine. It’s not the correct one. It’s useless… Stupid old sewing machine and stupid wrong info on the internet. Hate wasting money like this. 3. My boyfriend and brother-in-law pointed me at the fact that I look a lot ‘fatter’ on my blog pictures than I really am! Stupid camera really does not like me! 4. My mother … Continue reading Bad week but at least some good has come of it.

Banksia Pajamas: What to sew when you have the flu!

I had been coming down with something for a few days but on Monday morning it hit me full on! Went to the doctor’s and he told me I had to stay in bed for three days. Well, I’m not good at staying in bed… There’s only so much TV I can watch. I felt a bit better yesterday, as long as I was sitting down and not thinking to hard 🙂 I had some fabric left over from the pajama pants I made my cousins for Christmas. (To be fair, I had bought way too much fabric) The idea … Continue reading Banksia Pajamas: What to sew when you have the flu!

Time for the Banksia and Kelly show-and-tell!

I mentioned my love for Megan Nielsen’s patterns a few times but I haven’t actually shown you what I made with those patterns. I made three Banksia tops: Left: Floral cotton – Basic Pattern Middle: Black and dotted jersey – Pattern altered for stretch Right: Light blue cotton/linen blend – Basic pattern hemmed with lace Detail of the lace hem. I used a bias tape as facing. Same method as the collar finish. I made two Kelly skirts: Left: Green gabardine – Basic Pattern Right: Brown Corduroy – Changed the pockets Detail of the pocket: Changed the pocket style on … Continue reading Time for the Banksia and Kelly show-and-tell!

It’s only been a week and someone nominated me for an award??

I honestly had no idea what was happening when the lovely Catja over at nominated me for not one but 3 awards! Also, it was the middle of the night when I read this (I read blogs in between sleep cycles) so I didn’t know how to respond. But after a good night’s rest and a fine day filled with sewing I gave it some thought and here’s the result: For the Very Inspiring Blogger award and One Lovely Blog award, the official rules are:  1) Thank and link back to the awesome person who nominated you.  2) Share seven things … Continue reading It’s only been a week and someone nominated me for an award??

How did I possibly miss this!?

I always have a million ideas about what to do next, which makes picking the right one fairly difficult. This weekend I decided to finally make the dress I had promised my cousin in September. (Yes, even I’m surprised she’s still speaking to me). The truth of the matter is, I always have a hard time getting started on stuff for someone else. I just prefer making things for myself… Is that so bad? Anyway, I traced the pattern about 4 weeks ago but I was too lazy to cut the pieces. So yesterday, I finally managed to pick up … Continue reading How did I possibly miss this!?

Giving myself a sewing dare!

While doing the last post I realised that I use the same pattern way too many times. So I’m giving myself a dare: Go through all my patterns and chuck the ones I will never ever make (due to impulse buying) Divide the remaining ones into two piles: ‘Done’ and ‘To do’ Use each ‘To do’ pattern at least once before starting on another version of the same pattern. (Note: I still have 2 Banksia cut out and ready to sew) Go through fabric stash before buying new fabric. (Note: I just bought two new fabrics today *facepalm*) Also: I really … Continue reading Giving myself a sewing dare!

So here’s what I’ve been up to until now.

As I said: I wanted to do a post about all the clothes I made before I ‘saw the light’. As I said before, I was always just figuring it out on my own. Most of the time, that didn’t work. Fortunately there are some clothes that I do really like. I was wondering in which order to do this post but I’ll just do it by type of clothing starting with: Skirts This was my very first sewing project! It was before I had heard of ‘finishing the edges’ or ‘backstitching’ so you get how basic it is. The … Continue reading So here’s what I’ve been up to until now.