So here’s what I’ve been up to until now.

As I said: I wanted to do a post about all the clothes I made before I ‘saw the light’. As I said before, I was always just figuring it out on my own. Most of the time, that didn’t work. Fortunately there are some clothes that I do really like.

I was wondering in which order to do this post but I’ll just do it by type of clothing starting with:


rok 2

This was my very first sewing project! It was before I had heard of ‘finishing the edges’ or ‘backstitching’ so you get how basic it is. The inside is a mess, but so is the outside. I tried doing a blind zipper, without actually knowing what it was. I just thought it was because it was at the side. I cut through the seam at the bottom and instead of redoing the seam, I just stitched it together giving a very weird result. And last but not least, it’s way to big!

rok 3

This one is made with a knit, it was before I had my serger so the inside isn’t as nicely done as it should be. It’s a tad big also, but it’s super comfy! I have another one just like this. It’s a smaller size and it’s a thick jersey knit in a rich caramel colour. It’s in the washer right now, so I couldn’t take a picture, but when it comes out I’ll put it up.


Just looking at this skirt makes me smile. It’s so bubbly and bright. Unfortunately that makes it unsuitable for teaching. I love the piping I did and adore the lace, overall this is a ‘winner’. Only comment, it was the first time I tried lining a skirt and I attached the lining directly to the top of the skirt, which makes it shuffle over all my clothes.


jurk 9 jurk 8

These two dresses were made with the same pattern. I preferred the left one (blue denim with cotton lace) but it didn’t survive the first washing (forgot to finish all the edges so it unravelled and just came loose and the lace turned blue). The right one kept on shrinking during washing (washed it before sewing and it has been washed a few times since) and now it doesn’t fit me anymore (no, I did not gain any weight :p)

jurk 4jurk 2

jurk 5 

These three dresses were made with the same pattern as well. I love love love the first and third one. I made the second (green) one first and the pattern said ‘jersey’ so I did what it said. But I find that it doesn’t drape nicely. Also the fabric shop told me that I could just use regular fusible interlining on jersey… Well, boy were they wrong. It just came loose and it’s stuck there. Furthermore, I would just like to say, I’m very proud of the blue buttons I made myself, as well as the topstitching detail. On the bottom dress I love the owl print, the piping I used on the seams and the fact that I lined the collar and sleeves in another cotton.

jurk 7 jurk 1

I made these two with the same pattern as well (I do tend to re-use my patterns)… Love the floral one (jersey, super comfy and I didn’t hem it) but the top one just doesn’t like it should. I used two different types of fabric and they just didn’t go well together. The skirt is too stiff and it makes these weird creases over my belly.


hemd hemd 2

This was very much figured out on my own. I’m quite happy with the result (especially the short sleeved one) but they’re not perfect.


For the record: I would LOVE to know how to do pants because pants are the reason I started sewing in the first place. They never seem to fit me if I buy them.But then again, nor do they when I make ’em. Might be a challenge for 2013.

broek broek 2

I think that’s about it. I made a lot more but used the same pattern over and over again and I’m too lazy to include them all 🙂

4 thoughts on “So here’s what I’ve been up to until now.

  1. Dude, you’ve made pants already? You are my hero! i’m too afraid.
    Way to go on your sewing dare! I’m glad you took the leap to blogging! 🙂


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