How did I possibly miss this!?

I always have a million ideas about what to do next, which makes picking the right one fairly difficult.

This weekend I decided to finally make the dress I had promised my cousin in September. (Yes, even I’m surprised she’s still speaking to me). The truth of the matter is, I always have a hard time getting started on stuff for someone else. I just prefer making things for myself… Is that so bad?

Anyway, I traced the pattern about 4 weeks ago but I was too lazy to cut the pieces. So yesterday, I finally managed to pick up the courage and from then on it was a no-brainer. I had done the pattern 5 times before so it would be a piece of cake. And so it was… except for one tiny detail: while doing the 5 previous dressesย  2 previous dresses ย I had managed to put the collar on upside down. (I tweeted it was all 5 of them but seeing the pictures now, I see that it’s only two of them)ย I don’t know how I did it, the picture on the pattern was very very obvious!

How it actually looked.
How it actually looked.
How the collar should have looked.
How the collar should have looked. 

But getting back to the dress: I didn’t like using the jersey facing as described in the pattern (as it wouldn’t lie flat), so I decided to try a biastape facing instead. I must say, it turned out really well. It kept it from stretching out too far as well, so all in all: I was pleased and my cousin was pleased.

Left: How it was supposed to be.Right: How I had done it in the past.
Left: How it was supposed to be.
Right: How I had done it in the past.
The result once the collar was finished.
The result once the collar was finished.

Once the dress was finished I tried to take hundreds of pictures but I have a new camera and I didn’t have the time (or the courage) to go through the 300 pages in the manual yet, so it just refused to do what I needed it to do (take bloody pictures of the bloody dress –> probably small RTFM problem). So this is the only one that came out alright:

The blue top didn't exactly match but the dress looked lovely on her.
The blue top didn’t exactly match but it was all she had at the moment and the dress did look lovely on her.

I still have some fabric left over so I might use it to make a skirt for myself. I just love the floral print at the bottom ๐Ÿ™‚


10 thoughts on “How did I possibly miss this!?

  1. I agree with gmariesews – I actually like the shape of the collar upside down! The dress has a cute retro vibe, especially with the yellow edging. And the owl print is absolutely adorable (looks like something I would pick for myself)! Both versions look great! =)


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