It was totally foolproof, so I messed it up!

My sewing week hasn’t started all that well.


  • I decided to make a skirt I had made twice before ( I wasn’t going to do it anymore but I needed something fast and easy)
  • I had the perfect jersey and when laying out my pattern pieces I noticed that there was enough fabric left over to make a matching top. I decided to go for a Banksia (since I did that three times before)

stof jersey

  1. Somehow the Banksia refused to be sewn together. I tried saving it by adding a collar (cut from a top I messed up before) but it didn’t work so I’ll recycle both in a later project.
  2. I tried every possible stitch on the hem of my skirt but the twin-needle wasn’t co-operating. I finally decided on a simple straight stitch. I wore it today, the hem ripped.
  3. I forgot to measure how wide my waistband had to be (and how long) so I just followed the instructions on the pattern: The waistband is far to wide and it’s not high enough.


  • My mother-in-law gave me an old skirt. I had successfully taken it apart and wanted to use the piece to make a simple skirt. Looked fairly easy, I was just going to attach a jersey waistband and use biastape for the hem.


  1. It looked like the old side seams would be my size. When trying it on, it turned out I had 5cm left over on each side.
  2. I took it in using my serger.
  3. It doesn’t fit me anymore and any excess fabric was cut off by the serger.
  4. Hence: Measure twice, cut once… I just guessed the size based on my reflection… WORST IDEA EVER.



  • I needed something very very foolproof and easy and fast and it didn’t have to be clothes, as long as it was sewing related.
  • I came across a tutorial by Sweet Verbena to make a pencil pouch. It was a very clear tutorial and I followed it meticulously!
  • Aaaaaaaaand it worked!
  • I love my pouch!! And it only took 20 minutes to complete and some scraps of fabric.


I suspect my biggest problem (and the reason I mess up such easy projects) is the fact that I have so much stuff planned and I keep getting new ideas that I don’t know where to start. And then I just want something fast and easy and I just do it too fast… Hence the messing up!

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