How my hate for ironing brought on the Seamless Pledge.

I hate ironing. I hate it with a deep fiery passion. I don’t know why but I just do. And because I hate it so much I can’t think of enough excuses not to do it. This time I found enough excuses to put off ironing for 43 days. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not proud of it. I just hate ironing that much 🙂 (I don’t hate pressing, learned to love that the hard way)

The thing is, I have a huge wardrobe. I have tons of clothes and that’s why I can put it off for so long. I did do my washing but once it’s washed and dried I put it in a laundry basket until I find the courage to iron them.

This weekend I ran out of excuses so I put myself to the vast task of ironing all my (and my boyfriend’s) clothes. And when seeing the pictures I’m actually disappointed it’s not more. I thought it would reach the ceiling!


There is an upside about getting the work done. I seem to have a completely new wardrobe. But a large part of that wardrobe contains clothes I never ever wear. For several reasons. So while I was stashing away all my clean clothes, I decided to take everything I didn’t wear out of the wardrobe and figure out what to do with it.

I divided all my clothes into 5 categories:

  • Clothes which are already in heavy rotation (my favorites, the ones I do iron right after washing)
  • Clothes that are too small and I won’t ever wear again (even if they fit)
  • Clothes which have a weird cut but a lovely print or fabric so they can be used for something else.
  • Clothes which are fixable (by taking in a few seams here and there)
  • Clothes which have to go.

I hate trowing away clothes. I can’t bear it. That’s why I still have clothes from about 10 years ago. Some still fit, but my style changed, heck I changed!

The clothes that are too small will probably go to my cousin. She’s a bit skinnier than I am so they will fit her just fine. I do have a lot of lovely dresses, which I bought because I liked the print or the fabric but  I don’t actually wear because they don’t suit me. I decided to keep them so I can take them apart and use the fabric for something else. I have fixable clothes: Sweaters and skirts which are just a bit wide at the waist/hips and need to be taken in. (sometimes I over-estimate my size, especially when ordering online). And some clothes are just worn down. I still like them but I never wear them anymore because they are just unwearable.

So having done this I realised it was time for me to take the Seamless Pledge. So here goes…


I, Stephanie Ramaekers, am taking the Seamless Pledge for the rest of 2013: from today until december 31th 2013! (I can do this!)  

In that time I won’t buy any new clothes or shoes or bags, with the exception of undergarments and socks. I will sew or buy second-hand everything else!  Why?

  • I have heaps of clothes. I went almost 7 weeks without ironing. That says it all really.
  • Stepping outside social pressures. RTW clothes are just not my thing. There is always something wrong with it. I don’t like the colours or the fashion trends RTW shops are offering.
  • Sustainability. The world does not need cheap clothing that will fall apart. There is no need to create so much waste and there is no need to buy clothes made by child labour (not judging anyone who does!) to keep it cheap.

I’m really happy I finally made the official decision. I haven’t actually bought any clothes in the last few months (except cardigans, I love cardigans!) because of the reasons mentioned above and because I truly believe I can make better clothes than the ones I can afford! (With a little practice that is!)

PS I finally gave into temptation and ordered the Tiramisu, Renfrew and Alma Blouse pattern… Can’t wait to get started!

5 thoughts on “How my hate for ironing brought on the Seamless Pledge.

  1. Wow! That is a lot of ironing! One big bonus of sewing with jersey is that your Renfrews and Tiramisu’s will never need ironing… and there have been some great cardigan hacks of the Renfrew too, so you are all set! I love Alma too… I’ve got plans to make a few more.
    I’m so glad you are taking the pledge! the more the merrier!


    1. And you can’t even see the millions of dresses and shirts I ironed (well, it felt like millions anyway).

      I used my first sweater knit on the Briar this week and it went better than expected. I also took apart an old cardigan of mine (that was a bit on the tight side) so I’m going to try and use those pattern pieces to draft a new one!


  2. I’m heading in the same direction much sooner than I thought, for much the same reasons. I was sort of planning to officialise things next year, but I already can’t bring myself to shop. And I just got hold of a serger, so knits and knickers are no longer as daunting as they were…

    Anyway, well done! And good luck – with the pledge and with the ironing 🙂


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