The One with the Megan Nielsen and Rayon Knit happiness combo!

A while ago, after Paunnet’s post about her jersey Banksia there was some talk about how hard it was to find nice jersey fabric. Nice as in, sweet and floral but not childlike or granny like.

Somehow I ended up in a fabric shop yesterday (totally by accident, I didn’t mean to :p) and I decided (for once) to ask the shoplady to help me out. Normally I just wonder around looking at what they have, but this time I asked her if she had any sweet and girly jersey fabrics (without it being childlike or granny like).

We went through the lot (they just had a fresh shipping) and stumbled on this beautiful, buttery soft rayon knit. It was perfection disguised as fabric. Instant happiness. I would have bought the bolt but it was a bit pricey for that.

Without anything specific in mind, I took home 2m. On my way back home it hit me that this was the perfect fabric for a jersey Banksia but also for a Briar… I hated myself for only buying 2m but I decided to give it a try and if I didn’t have enough go back there today and get some more.

cut out

It finally took me a few tries but I managed to squeeze both patterns out of the fabric. You can imagine my happiness! I cut all my pieces and decided to keep the sewing part for today (being tired and wanting to do it right the first time around as this was such gorgeous fabric)

Here’s the result!


I didn’t change much:

– On the Briar, I left off the patch pocket. The print was enough in itself

– On the Banksia I added a band at the hem because it turned out a bit short for my liking (I actually considered not hemming it, but it felt like a crime to do this to this fabric)


I’ve already expressed my love for Megan Nielsen and her patterns but this was just heaven!

(I have to confess I didn’t pre-wash the fabric, oops. But I did press the living shit out of it! Pressing is another thing I only started doing after I got to know Megan Nielsen’s patterns and blog)


The One with the Liebster Award.

The lovely Sally over at The Quirky Peach has nominated me for a Liebster Award! I had never heard of this award before and it’s really nice to receive it from someone’s blog I discovered recently and who’s given me a bout of envy over her lovely makes.

So here is what is up with the Liebster Award:



The Liebster Blog Award Rules:

– Nominees must link back to the blogger who awarded them
– Write 11 random facts about yourself
– Answer 11 questions asked by the blogger who nominated you
– Nominate other blogs and ask them 11 new questions

The hard part: 11 random facts about myself!

  1. I love everything related to owls. My grandmother collected owls and after she passed away the addiction kind of sprung over to me. It makes me feel close to her.
  2. I hate it when two kinds of blue pens are used on the same page ๐Ÿ™‚
  3. Breakfast is spoiled when someone calls me right after I’ve poured milk on my cereals. I hate soggy cereals.
  4. I have a very spoiled cat ‘Noodles’ who’s the sweetest thing you’ve ever seen. She’s my baby as long as I don’t have any real ones.
  5. I’m a true SciFi fan. I went to our version of Comic Con and felt bad that I didn’t dress up!
  6. I think the hardest thing to do is think up random facts about oneself.
  7. I love to sew and people make me want to knit and quilt as well ๐Ÿ™‚
  8. I recently discovered stamp carving and mind you it’s seriously addictive!
  9. I have the best boyfriend in the world and I can’t wait for him to become the best husband in the world.
  10. We’ve decided to build a house together.
  11. My secret hope is to have two kids and then twins (as I want 4 children and my boyfriend only wants 3)

11 questions to answer!

  1. What is your favorite thing you have ever sewn? My very first Renfrew, hence the engagement.
  2. Do you tend to sew more for yourself or others? I tend to sew more for myself but For you February made me sew for others and I liked it more than I expected.
  3. What is one thing you love about where you live? It’s very nice and quiet and people are so friendly. (Oops, that’s three things)
  4. Do you listen to music while you sew? If so, what kind? I don’t listen to music but I listen to audiobooks. Mostly Harry Potter (yay, Stephen Fry) and Game of Thrones.
  5. What is your dream project to sew?ย This is my goal for this year. Or possibly a wedding dress (my own off course)
  6. When did you start sewing? My grandmother introduced me to sewing when I was 6 but I really took it up June 2012.
  7. What is your favorite kind of fabric to sew with? I prefer working with cotton but I prefer wearing rayon knits.
  8. What do you do if you get in a sewing funk? Cut the same pattern out of 3 pieces of fabric and make them all in one go (or ASAP)
  9. If you could be any fictional character (movie, book, etc) who would it be? It’s a draw between Hermione and Daenerys Stormborne of House Targaryen (but it’s a long name to put on a certificate)
  10. What is always at the top of your grocery list? Red pesto!
  11. Who is your biggest fan? My cat and my boyfriend.

Which blogs do I nominate:

Since I’ve already given out an award and got to know a few new blogs since then I’m going to make a mixture of the two.

  1. Brooke – Custom Style
  2. Inge – IngeMaakt
  3. Lauren – LLadybird
  4. Ping – Peneloping
  5. Sparkly Super Nova

My questions for you:

  1. What’s the first thing you’ve sewn?
  2. What’s the first wearable thing you’ve sewn?
  3. Why did you start sewing?
  4. Who’s your biggest inspiration?
  5. Where do you find new sewing inspiration?
  6. What’s your favorite craft besides sewing?
  7. What’s your dream project?
  8. What’s your favorite sewing snack?
  9. What’s your craft space like?
  10. Which project were you most excited about that turned out a complete fail?

Be sure to check out all of these wonderful blogs, and of course the bestower ofย myย Liebster Award – Sally over at the Quirky Peach.

The One with The Winner Announcement

And we have a winner!

randomThe winner is ………… LAURAHOJ!!!

Congratulations girl! Leave me a PM (on Twitter) with your address and the giveaway will finds it way to you!

I want to thank everyone who entered! You’re all so amazing people!

The one with the Engagement

I’m very happy announce the upcoming wedding between me and the Renfrew Pattern. (I just wish my BF would propose so I had a real wedding announcement)



Renfrewย by Sewaholic


A sturdy grass green knit I had in my stash. I only had 1.4m and the pattern needed 2m but after (re-)arranging my pattern pieces 6 times I finally managed to find a lay-out that would allow me to cut all the pieces out of 1.4m of fabric. Yay for me!

Size and alterations:

I followed Lizzie‘s advice and picked my size based on the finished measurements. The size I should have picked had a bit to much ease, so I opted for a size 10. I didn’t alter anything apart from that. The size turned out to be perfect.

Level and special skills:

This is my favorite kind of pattern. No zippers, no buttons, no pleats, no darts, not even hemming! No special skills are needed and even if knit fabric scared me a bit before (I’m following the Sewing with Knits class on Craftsy), Harriet went through that knit like a knife through butter!

I only made one little mistake. I sewed my waistband on backwards. Oops, thank goodness it was serged on so I just cut the serged seam off and serged it again (right way around this time)


Time to complete:

About 2 hours (not including the time it took to trace the patterns) I think it will go faster next time as I’ll know what to do and I won’t sew my waistband on backwards again.

Will I make it again:

Well, that’s a stupid question if I’m planning to marry it! I love absolutely everything about this pattern! From the clear explanation to the cut, to the style, ย to the arm- and waistband that keep it from needing a hem! (I hate doing hems in knits)

What do you think of the appliquรฉ I added. Something to break down the solid a bit.


Overall conclusion:

There is one thing I do have to say about this pattern. I freaking hate that tissue paper. Imagine this. I needed to iron it because there were to0 many creases. Afterwards it was so statically charged that it even stuck to my heating. When I finally managed to peel it off and put it on my table it shocked me so hard the charge went into my iPod and my iPod shocked me IN MY EAR! That HURT. A LOT. I still hurts when I think of it!


For you February – Project Weekender Bag & Project Pajamas


This For You February post isn’t the most impressive one but I had fun doing it so I wanted to share it anyway.

For You February for my Dad.

It was my father’s birthday coming up and I wanted to give him something personal. He’s a Landrover Defender maniac and he goes away on weekends with a Landrover club a lot. But everytime he has to take one of my mother’s bags and they are all quite feminine. So I decided to make him a weekender bag.

I based my bag on this tutorial for a zippered box pouch. I only made it a lot bigger and added 2 handles. I wanted to incorporate the Landrover logo and decided to carve a stamp. This was also a first and I think it turned out really nice. (I am aware this is technically copyright infringement, but because it was just a gift for my father I thought what the hell.)

He was dead happy with the result and took it to work the next day to show all his colleagues what his ‘little’ girl made him ๐Ÿ™‚



Note:ย As you can see on the close up of the zipper I had a little touch-and-melt between the zipper and my iron. Whoops, didn’t think about the fact that plastic zippers melt ๐Ÿ™‚

For you February for my Mom.

Remember the pajamas I made for myself? Well, my mother loved the pants so much I gave them to her. A few days later she called me saying she had a huge problem. She wasn’t able to take the pants off long enough to get them washed ๐Ÿ™‚ She wanted to live in them, they were that comfy and warm.

So I decided to make her another pair. This time I went for an off-white flannel. I saw it as a good opportunity to try out some decorative stitches on my new machine. I wanted to try flowers but my mother isn’t really the flowery type so I chose ton-sur-ton thread and went for geometric stitches instead. She loved them and now both pants are on heavy rotation.

I’m really sorry for the bad photo quality on this one, but my mother took these pictures with her iPad.



Note:ย I have enough of this flannel and the plaid flannel left to make some for me, so yay! ๐Ÿ™‚

How is your For You February going?

The one with the Alma Muslin.

I have to apologise for the Friends rip-off blog titles. But I’m lacking inspiration at the moment. I also promise that this will be the last blog post for the day ๐Ÿ™‚

I have been working on the Alma Blouse pattern these last few days after being inspired by everyone who made this pattern (seriously, is there anyone out there who hasn’t made it yet ๐Ÿ˜‰ )


Alma Blouse by Sewaholic

I traced the pattern onto some new pattern paper I’m trying out. I copied the smaller pieces so I could cut them out on the right size instead of tracing them (I hate tracing patterns). ย I had a tiny accident as I cut out my pattern pieces so I had to tape my original pattern back together.


A light floral cotton I had in my stash.

Size and alterations:

According to the pattern I needed a size 12 bust, size 10 waist and size 8 hips. This seemed very odd as usually I have to go up a size for my hips. But I did what I was told as this was just going to be a wearable muslin.

As I expected the garment was to big around the bust and waist area and I had to take off 1,5 cm (5/8 inch) for it to fit me better.


Level and special skills:

This is hands down one of the easiest patterns I ever put together. The only ‘hard’ thing was putting in the blind zip and as far as zippers go, that one is easy peasy! So I would say a beginner could definitely make this, given you have some practice rounds with the zipper. I only had to unpick the zipper once and that was just because I had to take in the side seams. So technically, I didn’t need unpicking at all.

Time to complete:

I don’t actually know as I did this in small bits in about three days, but an estimated guess would be 3-4 hours.


Will I make it again:

Yesssssss, given I would alter a few things (see pictures above)

  • I would lenghten it a bit and go up a size in the hip area.
  • I seems quite puffy above the bust so I guess I will have to go down the same amount as I did for the bust and waist (2 sizes). Hopefully that will fix the puffiness when I lift my arms.
  • I love the neckline but it’s quite high, so I’ll try lowering it a bit in my next one.

The only thing I don’t like about this pattern is the super flimsy tissue paper the pattern is printed on. I just don’t like working with it. I have to iron it and then it’s get static and it sticks to everything. I did notice that by cutting out the pattern (breathe, breathe, I mean around the entire pattern piece) it’s easier to trace as the smaller piece are less clingy to everything surrounding it. And it’s easier because I don’t have to unfold and refold that huge piece of paper each time. Just a tip.

Overall conclusion:

This is definitely a wearable muslin. I will make another wearable muslin with the alterations I want to try out and I guess I have the perfect pink poplin in my stash for that. I have the perfect fabric for this pattern but I’m saving it until I get the perfect fit.

Note: Don’t mind the pants I’m wearing, these are part of the reason I want to try making my own because these make my behind look huge!

And last but not least: Some close-ups of the lovely details on this blouse

  • Can you see my perfect blind zipper! No! because it’s invisible ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Love the bow!
  • Love the neckline and the topstitching idea. You can find the tutorial here.


The one with the giveaway

All this reorganising and buying entire bolts of fabric made me feel like having a giveaway.


give awayI’m giving away:

  • Five patterns (4 Burda, 1 McCall’s). They are lovely patterns but I bought them in the spur of the moment and I’m just never going to make them. They have never been used although for some reason I took the plastic off and put them together in a ziplock bag.
  • 3m of the pink cotton poplin (that’s 3,5 yards I think) – If you make something out of it please show me ๐Ÿ™‚
  • 8 vintage red (plastic) buttons. They look like very large thread put together.

What do you have to do to enter?

  • Leave a comment below saying you wish to enter.
  • Tell me one thing you like about my blog and one thing you feel is still missing (give me some feedback on how to improve the blog, people)

When will the winner be announced?

You can enter until the 26th of february and the winner will be announced on the 28th (leaving enough room for the time differences). The winner will be chosen at random!

Good luck!