The one with all the new stuff.

Last week, I drove all the way down to Holland (it sounds far for Belgian standards but it was only a one hour drive) to pick up some fabric I ordered.

I had to pick it up because among that fabric where 3 entire bolts and they were to expensive to be send by mail.

Yes, you read it correctly: I bought 3 bolts of fabric. And because they were leftovers (I guess from a previous season) they came ridiculously cheap. I couldn’t resist. Specially because a few weeks ago Leila  talked about buying whole rolls of fabric and how she could advise it to anyone if they had the chance.

I’m talking about 25m of soft pink cotton poplin, 30m of off-white stretch twill and 20m of regular twill for muslins.

rollen stofAt first I was a bit disappointed by the stretch twill but that was just my fault. I read ‘stretch’ on the website and thought ‘jersey’ so it was weird discovering it was a stretch woven fabric. And a strange fabric for that matter. It stretches quite a bit in one direction but there is no stretch at all the other way. And it rolls up like crazy once it it cut. So if you have any suggestions what to make with it please let me know!

I do love the pink poplin. It’s kind of liberating not having to choose between what you want to make as now I can make it all!!

The regular twill is perfect for muslins. Which is great as I decided to make a muslin from now on (some of them will be wearable muslins though).

But apart from those rolls of fabric I bought some other fabrics as well. I did a post before on how my wardrobe was a bit boring. So I decided to go for print and colour.

gabardine en katoenThe prints are a very soft very drapey cotton and the solids are gabardine (with a hint of stretch) because I want to make pants! (the colours look better in real life, it’s bright red, lovely dark green and a sandy beige)

I can’t wait to get started!



4 thoughts on “The one with all the new stuff.

  1. Great purchases. That stretch poplin is an awesome one. You can make pants or even a shirt. Pick your pattern based on woven materials as the stretch will be a nice added bonus in comfort.

    I’m glad my post inspired you. xo


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