The one with the new baby!

It’s been ages (well, 10 days to be precise) since I wrote a post. I don’t know why but it seemed like I didn’t find the time to actually write about the stuff I made. I will write a few posts today because I think tiny posts are better to structurise than one very long post.

So first of:

I have a new baby! And she’s called Harriet!Harriet

Isn’t she lovely! She’s my new (new for me at least) Bernina Activa 220. I bought her last week after my relationship with my Toyota ended. We had a good run but in the end we wanted different things. The Toyota (I never even named him) wanted to kick back and do some soft repair work, I wanted it to perform stitches and work with needles it couldn’t handle. Ha, he just couldn’t handle me 🙂

Harriet can handle me though. She’s lovely. We had a ruff couple of hours when I first got her because her brain was sending out these very high pitched tones and she gave me a head ache. But either she calmed down or I got used to it. She purrs very softly when we work and even my boyfriend noticed the difference (and he doesn’t notice anything normally).

She’s my new baby and she didn’t come cheap so I’m obliged to take care of her. No more sewing over pins and always using quality thread. She will be so loved!

3 thoughts on “The one with the new baby!

  1. So exciting! I got to know my new machine (Molly) really well on my most recent project. I was amazed that I didn’t once break a needle in all my pedal-to-the-floor sewing through a lot of layers!


    1. Me neither! My Toyota went through needles like I go through chocolate 🙂 But Harriet doesn’t. She doesn’t jam when I go pedal-to-the-floor, a thing my Toyota did all the time.


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