The one with the reorganising.

My doctor ordered me home for three weeks. I have been taking on a lot lately and my body was telling me to take it slower but I wouldn’t listen. I thought stress was for quiters and I’m not a quiter. But I began to have more and more stress-related symptoms and because my doctor feared if I pushed myself any further I would have a burn-out, he told me to stay home, get some rest and only do what I like to do and what calms me down. So basically nothing work-related and all-sewing related. So far the bad news.

The main thing that needed reorganising is my mind, so I can wrap my head around certain things again. But in order to do that I had to reorganise or declutter my environment.

I don’t like to clean or pick up after myself, but I have to because I hate living in chaos even more. But these past few weeks I could’t get myself to do more than the usual household stuff so my home got rather clutterly (is that even a word) . Not dirty or a total chaos, but not organised enough for me. So I tackled it all yesterday and I feel a lot better.

The main thing is the reorganising of my sewing room. I don’t have a lot of space in my apartment, I have about 3 square metres in my living room so it needs to be well-organised and clutter-free.

I’ll share with you the before and after shots.




My sewing space used to be just fine when I got started but I just needed more space now that I have more stuff. But since more space wasn’t an option I needed a better layout working with the things I had. It will be easier to keep organised as everything is a lot easier to reach than it was before.

The idea of putting my patterns into envelopes came from Rachel. I loved the idea. All my patterns were thrown together in one drawer and I hated it. Re-organising turned out to be so simple. The only difference is that she printed on her envelopes. But as my envelopes are bigger than the size my printer can handle, I copied all the covers of my patterns and glued them onto each envelope.

I can’t ‘just’ sew, I need to do something else as well. Like watching TV (And I can watch TV now while sewing so that’s a plus. I don’t actually watch TV but I like to have something like Friends or Buffy on so I can listen to it while sewing. I know both almost by heart so listening to it and once in a while looking up and catching a glimps is perfect for me) or (my latest addiction) listening to audio books. Perfect for me as I love to read but can’t read and sew at the same time.

What do you do while sewing? Have you got any special organising skills that make sewing life easier?

4 thoughts on “The one with the reorganising.

  1. Wat een verschil! Vervelend dat je zo’n last van stress hebt, maar goed dat je het nu rustig aan doet. Afgelopen zomer ben ik overspannen geweest, en wat ik toen geleerd heb is dat rustig aandoen niet ‘opgeven’ betekent, maar vooral ‘goed voor jezelf zorgen’. En dat is zo belangrijk. Dus doe maar goed rustig aan, voel je vooral niet schuldig (!) en denk niet dat je ‘snel’ beter moet worden. Het wordt beter als jij en je lichaam daar aan toe bent, en dat voel je dan wel. Forceer het niet, wees lief voor jezelf. Beterschap en sterkte!


    1. Zo lief. Het ‘niet-schuldig’ voelen is het moeilijkste. Vooral omdat het het moment is dat alle punten binnen moeten en ik voel me schuldig dat mijn rapportcommentaren niet zo uitgebreid zijn als anders. Maar mijn collega’s zijn heel begripvol en zorgen ervoor dat ik me niet teveel zorgen kan maken.


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