The One Where I Went to Amsterdam

I went to Amsterdam for three days on a school trip. Because it was a school trip I didn’t have a lot of time to shop. But when pupils get time off to go shopping so do the teachers and those of you who follow me on Twitter (@StephanieKCR) have seen a few of my finds over the last few days. Since I’m so happy with all of them, I want to share everything with you! The pocket watches: On the first day I came across these pocket watches at a small market on ‘het Waterlooplein’. A pocket watch in the … Continue reading The One Where I Went to Amsterdam

The One with The Dolman Sleeve Top

It didn’t take long so here it is 🙂   Pattern: Free Dolman Sleeve Top pattern by Cation Design It’s a PDF pattern with only 8 pages as the front and back sit on top of each other. I printed out the pattern twice, cut all 8 pages twice and taped them together twice… Just so I didn’t have to trace the damn thing 🙂 I guess it’s fairly obvious by now I hate tracing patterns. Fabric: A blue sweater knit that arrived two days ago. I wanted to use this fabric for the top after I saw Sally’s version … Continue reading The One with The Dolman Sleeve Top

The One with The Fabric that FINALLY arrived.

I’m not known for my patience. I might even be the most impatienced person I know 🙂 So when I ordered fabric over three weeks ago I couldn’t wait for it to arrive. Normally, fabric arrives the same week, even when I order from one of the neighbouring countries. So when I ordered this in a (huge) shop about 50 miles or so away, I didn’t expect it to take that long. I was about to call them and complain but luckily it arrived today. And it came with a handwritten ‘thank you’-card so I kind of forgave them instantly … Continue reading The One with The Fabric that FINALLY arrived.

The One with all the Changes

With all that talk about changing my colours I started thinking about myself for a change. I was trying to sew some pants because I really need some and although I did everything right, they ended up too small. I changed all seam allowances to 0,5m instead of 1,5 cm and I managed to get them on and even close them, but they still looked too small. I don’t really mind that the pants failed (it was only a muslin) but I did mind what I had been fearing for a long time. I had to face reality and admit … Continue reading The One with all the Changes

The One with All the Colours – Part 2

I got such wonderful reactions on my choice of colours. I worked on them a little more and thought about how my outfits would match better. Ideally I want to be able to pick any cardigan (I love cardigans), any top and any skirt/pants and they would match! So these are my official colours. Luckily, some of my stash matches these 🙂 I made my Mom promise she would hit me if I tried to change them again. ( I changed them about 10 times this week) Talking about my Mom. After I mentioned she is a (licensed) style and … Continue reading The One with All the Colours – Part 2

The One with All the Colours

When I took my Seamless Pledge I wrote that my wardrobe was boring. I had gotten rid of everything I didn’t wear (or shouldn’t be wearing) and all I had left were plain boring basics. After organising my fabric stash I was left feeling a bit weird about my fabric. Part of the reason I went into sewing was the fact that I would be able to coordinate my wardrobe better. But organising my stash made it very clear that I love buying pretty fabrics but didn’t stand still to think about whether they would match the rest of my … Continue reading The One with All the Colours

The One with the Stash Organiser

Like a lot of people into sewing, I have quite a stash build up. Because I wanted to start using my stash, instead of forgetting what I have and buying new fabric, I needed a way to get organised. I had been thinking about this for a while, but I never found the ideal way for me to organise my stash. It might be good to tell you that I believe all people have this tiny autistic person living inside them and sometimes it needs to get out. Mine comes out when there’s two colours of blue pen used on … Continue reading The One with the Stash Organiser

The One with All the Fail

Sometimes a pattern has so many things going wrong that in the end it’s no surprise it doesn’t work out. But in the interest of learning, I feel the need to blog about this fail as well 🙂 When I discovered the Grainline – Moss Mini skirt I just knew I had to make it. It was perfect. I had visions of me walking around in tons of them. I had fabrics picked out. Drew some sketches about what I wanted it to look like, so I was all set. I taped the PDF pattern together and traced the pieces. … Continue reading The One with All the Fail