The One with All the Colours

When I took my Seamless Pledge I wrote that my wardrobe was boring. I had gotten rid of everything I didn’t wear (or shouldn’t be wearing) and all I had left were plain boring basics.

After organising my fabric stash I was left feeling a bit weird about my fabric. Part of the reason I went into sewing was the fact that I would be able to coordinate my wardrobe better. But organising my stash made it very clear that I love buying pretty fabrics but didn’t stand still to think about whether they would match the rest of my wardrobe.

Result: Still no matching items and I keep returning to ‘boring’ cake when picking outfits.

A few days ago, a blog post by the incredibly creative and wonderfully dressed Gillian showed me the solution. She started by choosing her colours and then sticking to those colours when picking out fabric. She made her own colourchart and even showed her already matching fabrics.

The idea in itself was so simple and amazing I just had to steal it (Sorry, Gillian!) She chose colours for her spring palatte but I wanted to pick colours for my entire wardrobe (that’s why there are so many colours), because I like switching between seasons and I love wearing bright colours when it won’t stop being this cold and snowy.

A few years ago I was ‘diagnosed’ as an Autumn-type. So this is what I came up with. I have to admit I had a little help from my lovely mother. I picked my colours and she ‘checked’ them. (She’s a colour and style consultant)

kleurenkaart definitief

Now that the colour picking is done, all that’s left is sorting out my wardrobe (again), sorting out my fabric stash and go out looking for new fabrics to make a fabulous new wardrobe!

Sounds easy peasy, doesn’t it 🙂

12 thoughts on “The One with All the Colours

  1. Oooo, such pretty colors! Looks like colors I gravitate toward – I think I’m a “spring” so I need the same warm undertones & there’s a lot of crossover between autumn and spring colors.

    I can’t wait until I’m past the mockup stage of all the things I’m working on right now. I’m dying to sew some color!


  2. Gorgeous colours – very similar to what I would pick. Think I’m an autumn too! Good luck, looking forward to seeing all your new fabric!


  3. Ah, very nice! I have a book on choosing your right colour type and I am a summer/winter with some autumn and spring qualities (I STILL can’t figure it out with answering the questions!!).


    1. Sounds like a very weird combination 🙂 But my mother agreed to do a series here on how to pick your correct type and what colours you should wear, maybe that could help you 🙂 If you have any specific questions, just send them to me and I’ll have her answer them!


      1. Ya, I know. Well, thing is. I’m a natural very pale, ashy blonde and have very pale, pinkish skin, but also have very dark green/hazel eyes. So, the eyes are spring/autumn and the skin is summer and the hair is winter. ?? That’s where I’m confused. I know I look better in cool colours, and look hideous in things like kahki and olive and mustard, so that must mean I’m at least a cool colour. But, not sure how my eye colour fits in.


      2. I just checked my mom’s coursebook and dark green and hazel fits summer. And ashy blonde and pale pinkish skin sounds summer as well. If warm colours don’t suit you you’re definitely not spring or autumn. I would say you are a summer. There are still 3 different types of summer so that might mean you can borrow other types’ colours.


      3. Ah, ok. The book I have didn’t like dark green/hazel eyes (mine have gold bits in them as well, and are very dark, not pale) for summer types. They equated that with autumn or spring.


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