The One with All the Colours – Part 2

I got such wonderful reactions on my choice of colours.

I worked on them a little more and thought about how my outfits would match better. Ideally I want to be able to pick any cardigan (I love cardigans), any top and any skirt/pants and they would match!

So these are my official colours. Luckily, some of my stash matches these 🙂

kleurenkaart definitief 3

I made my Mom promise she would hit me if I tried to change them again. ( I changed them about 10 times this week)

Talking about my Mom. After I mentioned she is a (licensed) style and colour consultant some of you asked me if my mother wouldn’t want to share any tips and tricks about what type you are and which colours you should wear.

She was as enthusiastic as I was so we decided to do a little series on it.

It will be a 4-parter!

  1. How to figure out which season-type you are?
  2. I’m a Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter type: Which colours should I choose?
  3. How to update your wardrobe according to your season-type?
  4. Your questions for my mom! And she answers them!

Now, I need your input on this one.

  • I would like you to tell me which topics you want us to talk about (for instance: How to figure my type out on my own.)
  • I would like you to send me any questions you have for my Mom. You can start doing this now and you can keep doing this until the last post is up (I can keep editing it so don’t worry)

PS: I found a Spoonflower alternative in Europe and I want to order everything on their site. But I’m keeping to my colours 😉 They’re not cheap but neither is Spoonflower and this way I can avoid extra import taxes.

5 thoughts on “The One with All the Colours – Part 2

  1. I have the book “Color Me Beautiful” – it’s really old and the photos are hilarious because of hair and clothing, but I love it. I’m pretty sure that I’m a Spring, although I can wear some of the Autumn palette as well – I just don’t look very good in the really dark Autumn colors.

    I can’t think of any questions for your mom at the moment, but I look forward to what she has to say in your coming posts! =)


    1. Spring and a bit of autumn is perfectly possible, they have the same warm undertone. The darker colours are borrowed from winter. Not all autumns can wear them. I can but I don’t like them.


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