The One with The Fabric that FINALLY arrived.

I’m not known for my patience. I might even be the most impatienced person I know 🙂

So when I ordered fabric over three weeks ago I couldn’t wait for it to arrive. Normally, fabric arrives the same week, even when I order from one of the neighbouring countries. So when I ordered this in a (huge) shop about 50 miles or so away, I didn’t expect it to take that long.

I was about to call them and complain but luckily it arrived today. And it came with a handwritten ‘thank you’-card so I kind of forgave them instantly 🙂

The fabric I ordered where these lovely sweater knits perfect for Spring. And the moment I discovered them was the last day of a special ‘Order 1m get 1m for free’ promotion. So double yay!

New fabrics

I ordered these before I decided to coordinate my fabric from now on but I think they’re not so bad. I added a colour swatch since the colours on the photograph are way off. So the green one is perfect, matches my colours perfectly. And even if the blue isn’t included, I’m not too sad about it as I have a lot of sleeveless blue tops in my wardrobe that would look great underneath it.

Now what am I going to do with it?

I was planning on making it into a Dolman Sleeve Top, the free pattern drafted by Cation Designs. I fell in love with it after I saw Sally’s version of it.

I’m planning on copying it, bow and all! The good thing is that I’m guessing I only need a metre of fabric or so but I’ve got 2 metres of both, so I still have leftover fabric to make something else. Yay again!

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