The One Where I Went to Amsterdam

I went to Amsterdam for three days on a school trip. Because it was a school trip I didn’t have a lot of time to shop. But when pupils get time off to go shopping so do the teachers and those of you who follow me on Twitter (@StephanieKCR) have seen a few of my finds over the last few days.

Since I’m so happy with all of them, I want to share everything with you!


The pocket watches: On the first day I came across these pocket watches at a small market on ‘het Waterlooplein’. A pocket watch in the shape of an antique sewing machine… There are not enough words to describe how happy this made me and how utterly impossible it was to resist. The second one is a pocket watch which opens up to reveal the clock and is shaped as an owl. I love owls.

The sewing machine pocket watch sits on top of the shelf next to my own sewing machine now. I didn’t have  clock there so it’s perfect.


The scarf: I came across the scarf on the second day and because I loved the blue and loved the birds I couldn’t let it go. It’s a very drapey soft cotton and because it’s so large I could even use it to make a top if I wanted.

The book: I bought the book the same day, it has a lot of lovely pictures of how to draw clothing. I didn’t buy it to be able to draw the clothes better but because it has a ton of different tops, skirts, pants,… I thought it would be great to inspire me to draw my own patterns. If you’re interested, you can find it here.

The shoes: When I took my seamless pledge I pledged to not buy anymore shoes or bags unless in a thrift shop. So you can imagine my happiness when I came across these gorgeous vintage boots in a thrift shop. Better yet, they were my size and all they need is new heels. Funny story actually: Because we had been walking non-stop for 3 days my feet were killing me. These shoes were actually more comfortable than my own so I asked the shop lady if I could keep them on. That was no problem, but she asked me to show the price at the bottom. A while later I sat down on a bench and one of my pupils noticed I still had a price tag underneath my shoe so when I tried to peel it off I noticed there was another price tag on the other shoe. The two price tags had a different price and without even knowing I had shown the lowest one to the shop lady. So that really made my day.

The bag: I never thought I would buy a purse in a museum shop, but this one was perfect. It’s the perfect buttercup yellow and it’s big enough so I can take me teaching books and it has a sunflower embossed in the front. It’s based on the sunflower painting by Vincent Van Gogh and it summer represented in a bag. This one is totally new so I kind of violated my seamless pledge, but secretly I don’t care 🙂


The buttons: Before I left my Robson Coat pattern arrived, so I decided to take my swatch cards with me and look for matching buttons. The last day we finally came across a fabric shop and they had thousands of buttons. It took me half an hour and taking out a few dozen buttons but I finally managed to find the perfect ones to fit the green fabric. I bought larger ones for the buttons on the front and smaller ones for the back and shoulders. I even got a few spare ones because going back to Amsterdam just to get buttons is not a good idea. I love how they’re all different. The shop lady took them all out of the box and let me pick the ones I loved most because some where darker or lighter or had stains. For those interested, this is the shop.


The nail polish: Sometimes being pampered is fun, so with half an hour to spare until our next render-vous time I decided to get my nails done. I had them done at the Koh stand at De Bijenkorf. I chose an olive green colour with a light shimmer and the lady who did them was super nice. Because the nail polish wasn’t exactly cheap I wanted to test durability before I bought it. She did my nails and told me that they sold that brand in Belgium as well so I could get it here if I wanted. But as I find it hard to get a colour nail polish I really like I went back yesterday right before we left to go and get the polish. I decided on another colour as well and it ended me up with a free lipstick 🙂 I like the lipstick as well but I feel a bit self-conscious when i wear it, even seeing a picture of it.

The two colors but with a light shimmer.

Seeing I like fancy thing but I don’t like paying fancy money for them it was nice that they took the nail polish out of the small cardboard packaging it came in and replace it with a beautiful pouch for each bottle.

So that’s how Amsterdam was for me and I hope you can see why I loved it so much 🙂

8 thoughts on “The One Where I Went to Amsterdam

      1. They weren’t cheap, they cost as much as my 5 yards of fabric for the coat. But the fabric was cheap so it balances each other out 🙂


  1. Wow! Such amazing things you found! I love them all – especially the owl watch and those amazing buttons! I’m a bit jealous of those buttons, hehe. They will be perfect on a green coat!

    (And thanks for sharing the pics again on your blog since I’ve been so absent from Twitter recently I would have missed them!)


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