The One where I need YOUR help!

It was time to try out a new pattern, well new… I’ve had it for quite some time but I didn’t get round to making it before. But because I’m participating in Me-Made-May this year I needed some more tops, t-shirts and blouses. So this is the first 🙂 Something I’ve never done before but did this time: I cut my pattern instead of tracing it! GASP!! I just couldn’t handle tracing this kind of pattern paper again. So I took my size, cut it and then ironed on fusible interfacing. The interfacing made it heaven to work with, I … Continue reading The One where I need YOUR help!

The One where I made Pants

(Please excuse me for the horrible phone pics but my fancy camera battery died just as I wanted to take pictures) So, I made pants… Actual pants made out of jeans! But I cheated! Let me tell you how 🙂 Pattern: I had been eyeing this pattern for a while. But it felt like cheating to order it. Finally I caved and ordered it. It’s the Simple Skinny Jeans by Sew Liberated. Fabric: I used a very thin stretch denim I bought for 14 euro at the market. The pattern called for 2 metres but I ended up using only … Continue reading The One where I made Pants

The One with All the Changes

Hey you guys, It feels like it’s been ages since I’ve blogged anything, but the thing is that it has been crazy busy! I’ve made quite a few new items the past two weeks but I haven’t had any time to blog about them. We’re kinda in the middle of a rental dispute with our landlord. He wants us to pay more for utilities, but he’s already charging us more than we’re actually using. And we were supposed to get the ‘right’ price after a year, but he doesn’t even want to show us the bills to prove his point. … Continue reading The One with All the Changes

The One with The Thread Holder

My sewing space is limited. So I have to carefully plan every bit of space I have. Because the container I used to store my thread spools was getting kind of full, I was looking for another way to store them. A way to store them off my sewing table, since that space is limited itself. I came along various thread spool holders online , found some great ideas but neither of them was exactly as I envisioned it in my head. I wanted a thread spool holder that was practical AND beautiful at the same time. I had the … Continue reading The One with The Thread Holder

The One with All the Slopers

About a month ago (After the fail with the Moss skirt) I decided it might be a good idea to draw my own skirt sloper and just design my own skirts. I wouldn’t have to go through the hassle of fitting skirts anymore or experiencing fails like the Moss skirt one. My initial idea was to get a tutorial, draft a sloper and would have a wardrobe filled with skirts by now. It didn’t go as smoothly as planned. I ended up making 3 versions of a sloper and because blogs are basically about learning from eachother and eachother’s mistakes. … Continue reading The One with All the Slopers