The One where I made Pants

(Please excuse me for the horrible phone pics but my fancy camera battery died just as I wanted to take pictures)

So, I made pants…


Actual pants made out of jeans! But I cheated! Let me tell you how ๐Ÿ™‚


I had been eyeing this pattern for a while. But it felt like cheating to order it. Finally I caved and ordered it. It’s the Simple Skinny Jeans by Sew Liberated.


I used a very thin stretch denim I bought for 14 euro at the market. The pattern called for 2 metres but I ended up using only one metre. So I could make 2 pair of jeans out of the fabric.

Size and alterations:

Based on my measurements I cut a size 14 and decided to change the elastic waistband by a stretch waistband. But it ended up being to big… My fault completely because I cut the size based on my measurements BEFORE I went on a diet. Stupid me, as I’ve lost 5 kilos since taking those measurements. So I took my measurements again and made the pants a size smaller and now they fit. But stubborn as I am, I’ve added the stretch waistband again and on the one hand it’s crazy comfortable but on the other hand it tend to stretch with wear. So the waistband becomes wider…

Level and special skills:

No special skills needed ๐Ÿ™‚

Time to complete:

3 hours. Seriously, it takes longer to wash, dry and iron a pair of pants than to make these.

Will I make it again:

I bought red, green and brown stretch jeans… so what do you think.

Overall conclusion:

The pattern comes with a link and password to a video tutorial. The fact that you have to buy the pattern before you can watch the tutorial kind of bothers me. Sometimes you just like to check stuff out before buying the pattern.

When I watched the video, I got completely confused as they try to use the topstitching as regular seams. In short this mean that they press every seam so you don’t have to sew it and you can just topstitch over it. I can tell you, that just makes it way too complicated. It’s much easier to sew your seams, press them and then topstitch. Way sturdier as well.

The pattern came without a measurement chart, they apparently forgot, but they do have the measurement chart on the site. Not a finished measurements chart though and that would have been helpful.

The pattern comes with a clear explanation and because the front pockets and the fly are fake there’s really nothing difficult about it.

The thing that actually takes most time is changing between your regular thread and needle and your topstitch thread and twin needle.


These are the colours I bought to make new pants. As you can see in the pictures the pants still have a few wrinkles, but I think that has to do with my stubbornness and the fact that I refused to make elastic waistbands. Might have to do it next time though ๐Ÿ™‚

16 thoughts on “The One where I made Pants

  1. I also splurged on this pattern along with the gathering apron. It is nice to see that they worked out because I haven’t seen any versions of them yet. Good job!


    1. I haven’t seen any of them either. I might taper the legs a bit more because they’re not really skinny and I might make them a bit longer. But they come together so quickly that I can try out everything. I haven’t stopped wearing them since I made them (except for washing) because they are so comfortable!


      1. Yes I saw they look almost boot cut, or shoe-cut I guess. I have this amazing purple denim with an orange cross weave I’m going to make them out of. It’s good to know they come together so quickly. Perfect for me made may.


  2. Oh wow, you made jeans!! I actually JUST bought a pair of cobalt blue B & E stretch jeans yesterday because I’m not buying any clothes anymore except for those that I don’t believe I’ll be able to sew. And, I never thought I could sew jeans! But, without the fly and front pockets….seems doable! So, the waistband is like a yoga pants waistband? That would be supercomfy.


    1. The pattern calls for a thin waistband with a wide elastic, but I didn’t have elastic and love to wear skirts with a wide stretchband like I did here. But I guess in this case the wide stretchband isn’t firm enough to keep the pants completely up, so I need to pull it back up quite a lot. They won’t fall down completely, but they’ll get a bit saggy around my bottom.


      1. Ah, yes that makes sense. These waist bands are usually for yoga skirts/pants, which are lighter and not as tight as the jeans, so would probably stay up better.


  3. I think they look really great and flattering too. I’ve just bought the pattern too so it’s brilliant to see what someone else has thought of them and reassuring to know that they’re a pretty quick make. ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. I think they are cute! I’ve read a ton about jeans, especially the back pockets, and I’d suggest moving the pockets in toward the center just a touch on the next pair.


      1. No no don’t worry. It’s good that you say these things as you never get to see your own backside. So it’s hard to tell whether it looks okay or not ๐Ÿ™‚ I want to raise the back a little bit as well, because I’ve got quite a long bottom and they’re rising a little low sometimes ๐Ÿ™‚


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