The One where I need YOUR help!

It was time to try out a new pattern, well new… I’ve had it for quite some time but I didn’t get round to making it before. But because I’m participating in Me-Made-May this year I needed some more tops, t-shirts and blouses. So this is the first 🙂


Something I’ve never done before but did this time: I cut my pattern instead of tracing it! GASP!! I just couldn’t handle tracing this kind of pattern paper again. So I took my size, cut it and then ironed on fusible interfacing. The interfacing made it heaven to work with, I might do this again.

This won’t be a complete pattern review yet because I need your help. So this is the first part:


Violet Blouse by Colette. This is a pattern that the entire blog-o-sphere has made. I think every sewist has at least one Violet Blouse somewhere in her closet. But that’s the beauty of sewing. You can take the same pattern and change it over and over again with different fabric and different finishes.


This was one of the very first fabrics I ever bought (back in the day I thought 1m of fabric was enough to make everything), I only had 1 m of fabric so I needed to try a few different pattern lay-outs and finally decided to cut the facings out of a different (white) fabric. This dark blue fabric seems to have polkadots but they are actually little hearts.

I cut my collar out of the blue fabric first but after a botched experiment with collar – piping and serger, I had to cut another one, I had this nice crisp linnen somewhere in my stash, big enough to cut this collar.

Level and special skills:

Definitely beginner, I even added piping to make it more difficult. I have to say that I did a nice job easing in the sleeves (everyone hates easing), but they’re kind of rotated a bit, so my sleeve head isn’t on top 🙂

violet 2

Size and alterations:

I cut a straight size 8 and I need your help for the alterations. I think I need some alterations based on the pictures above.

  • Narrow shoulder adjustment
  • Swayback adjustment
  • Bust dart adjustment
  • Add front and back darts to make it less boxy
  • Make armscytes smaller

And it looks like one shoulder is lower than the other, although I was standing completely straight.

What do you think? Do I need these, do I need any more? Except changing bust darts I’ve never done any alterations. But I think an easy pattern like this is the best to start with. But all tips, tricks and tutorials are welcome as I’m a complete noob when it comes to adjustments.

3 thoughts on “The One where I need YOUR help!

  1. I do think you need to raise the sleeve cap and shorten the shoulder seams. Try tucking some of the shoulder fabric under the sleeve seam and pin it wear it hits your shoulder point best. Then just reset the sleeve and trim off the extra seams allowance that was created. =)

    It’s hard to tell from the photos, but I think the bust darts look about right.

    And try tapering in on the side seams to reduce the boxiness – that might also help remove some of that bunching in the back waist area.

    It’s a cute top! I really like the white trim/buttons and collar! =)


  2. I also believe you could benefit from taking in the side seams and maybe two backdarts. These will give you a waist without taking away the easy flow of the blouse… It already looks really cute!


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