The One With The Crazy Weekend

One thing I noticed I was lacking a bit for MMM’13 were tops and cardigans. So because this weekend for the first time in weeks, I had time to sew stuff I just sewed away. And I might have overdone it 🙂

Crazy Weekend


I had some red cotton jersey and red lace left from the dress I made. So I made a T-shirt (self-drafted) out of the jersey with a lace overlay at the front and lace sleeves. I made a matching jersey cardigan based on the Renfrew pattern.


  • Another Renfrew cardigan, but in a lacey sweater knit. I’ve got the same one cut out on my table in olive.
  • A green top with border print refashioned from a knit dress I once made and only wore once because I made it before I discovered the wonders of pressing. I used FOE for the neckline and armholes and seriously… I’M IN LOVE WITH THAT STUFF!
  • My pride and joy of this weekend: A Darling Ranges Peplum Top!

7 thoughts on “The One With The Crazy Weekend

    1. Eindelijk eens een weekend dat ik op mijn gemakje kon naaien, ik heb er dan ook van geprofiteerd 🙂 Allemaal patronen die ik al eens gemaakt had en extra bonding tijd met mijn overlocker hebben hier allemaal leuke (en mooi afgewerkte) kledingstukken van gemaakt 🙂


    1. I usually can’t decide which easy project to sew, so I end up sewing nothing. Today I decided that I wasn’t going to make a choice, I was going to do them all! Quite liberating 🙂


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