You will never believe what I got my hands on!

Remember my great – free- vintage dress form?

Well, I even got my hands on something better!

Somehow my parents ended up with a vintage sewing machine. It had been sitting outside for years so the table top was ruined and they had it standing outside for a complete summer and somehow forgot about it. When I mentioned today that I was looking for vintage sewing machines, they remembered. It’s a shame that it has taken such a beating but I intend to restore it and use it as deco around the house.

singer restore

But what’s even better! While my mother was looking for wardrobes to put in my bathroom she send me a link to a sort of ‘swap’ organization. You can buy and sell items and services but you don’t actually pay in money. You pay with a kind of points. When you go out and help people, they give you an amount of points, you can then use those points to buy other items or get stuff done around the house. For instance, I need someone to help me with my garden and in return I help people by making pillow covers.

Anyhow to make a long story short, I came across this absolute beauty! I think it is save to say that this could be the potential new love of my life! I intend to use this one and cherish it and love it and never let it go! And it even comes with the original manual.

singer 2


I think this can be considered a very good day indeed!

4 thoughts on “You will never believe what I got my hands on!

  1. Oh WOW! Sad that the first one is so rusty, but the second machine is absolutely beautiful! Those old black Singers are wonderful machines. I have the small featherweight 221 and my friend has one that looks like yours but I believe is a different model number.

    Now you are a true sewcialist because you have two working machines and plan to use them both! It will be interesting to see if you prefer the vintage one. =)


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