The One with The Eucalypt Reversible Dress.

I’ve had a crazy week! My long week actually started with a 4 day camping trip in France. Last week I went camping in France for 4 days and although I love going back to basics, this wasn’t the basics I thought it would be. I spend 4 days without running water, without electricity and without decent toilets… On top of it all it was cold and raining constantly. Not the back to basics I had in mind 🙂 But leave it to a true sewcialist to spot a fabric store in the middle of nowhere.

I (obviously) had to check it out and found some gorgeous fabric that I knew was destined to become a pair of Tania Culottes.

The Tania Culottes are part of Megan Nielsen’s new Breakwater collection and those who know me (or read my blog) know that I have an undying love for Megan’s patterns. So it didn’t come as much of a shock when I ABSOLUTELY loved her new collection. Without even realising it I had ordered and paid for the entire Collection Pack. 4 patterns for the price of 3, sounds awesome right! Because patience isn’t my strong side I opted for the 3 day DHL delivery.

When I was in France I got a call from DHL and they told me that I still had 20 euro of import taxes to pay… I really really really hate my country at a time like that! The money I saved by buying the collection pack was in the end spend at import taxes.

But in the end the package did arrive this week. I was so happy to see it arrive because weather was dreadful, work was crazy busy and I wasn’t feeling Me-Made-May at all. The new collection pack felt like a little ray of sunshine in a cloudy week.


It was difficult to decide which pattern to start with but I opted for the easiest one. The Eucalypt Tank/Dress.


Because this was such an easy pattern I set myself a little challenge. I went through the variations Megan suggested and I decided to go for a button down dress. But not just a button down dress, I wanted to make it a reversible button down dress.

So let me tell you how I did it!


I chose 2 fabrics I had in my stash, a white cotton with strawberries and apple/grass green cotton.

Size and alterations:

I cut a size M but lengthened it to the longest hem.

I added 4 cm to either side of the CF seam to create enough room for the button placket. I then sewed 2 dresses using the explanation in the booklet. When I finished the dresses, I put them right sides together and using a 1.5 cm seam allowance sewed all the way round. Then I pulled the dress inside out through the armholes. I pressed the entire thing and topstitched all around to secure the pressed seams. I finished the armholes using bias tape.

I’ve sewn the buttons through both layers of fabric since the dress is big enough to put on over my head. That spared me the difficulty of sewing 11 buttonholes.

Level and special skills:

There are absolutely no special skills needed for this pattern, this is by far the easiest pattern ever!

Time to complete:

About 2 hours (without sewing on the dreadful buttons)

Will I make it again:

Uhm, yes, I have a denim version planned, a chambray version, another reversible version and that’s just for the dresses!

Overall conclusion:



As always, Megan patterns are superb. The explanation in the booklet is very very clear! I love the pattern, although I couldn’t wear it without a belt. But that’s okay, I love button down dresses with a belt. I especially love the longer hem at the back because it gives me a little more confidence when teaching a class. If I have to choose between the two sides I do prefer the strawberry side but it wouldn’t work without the tiny splash of green peeking out.

And to top it all off, because it was the only nice day in a long time I got the chance to check whether it was bike proof and it probably is 75% bike proof. It would have been 95% bike proof if it wasn’t for the center front. (The Tania culottes are probably 100% bike proof) The flaps underneath the bottom button kept ‘flapping’ in the wind, exposing quite a lot of leg, but when riding in the woods it was quite alright. I might have to go back and add some extra buttons because it wasn’t very gape-proof but I hate sewing on buttons especially since the two buttons are sewn on top of each other.



It was a wonderful day spend entirely with my lovely boyfriend. Who btw loves the dress but would prefer it in a solid colour. He’s not a big fan of prints but I’m not really giving a f*ck. I love prints!

5 thoughts on “The One with The Eucalypt Reversible Dress.

  1. Reversible!!!!! Can’t believe you did that, it’s awesome! Looks very cute on you as well. Also wanted to let you know that I won a Pattern Pyramid and just posted it on my blog. Feel free to have a look and enter!


  2. So cute! I love that each side is so different – it looks great on you! The last photo looks like it belongs in a catalog. =)


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