They say the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.

I’m admitting it: I have a problem. I’m addicted to fabric and notion shopping. Seriously, I bought fabric 4 times this week. I didn’t need it but there is this little voice inside my head that keeps yelling:

“It’s on sale!”

“Last time you didn’t buy it immediately, they ran out of it when you needed it!”

“Fabric doesn’t spoil!”

” You don’t buy clothes, you deserve fabric.”

“You had a bad day, you should buy some to make you feel better!”

“You had a good day, you should buy some to celebrate!”

Some of you will wonder why I’m considering this a problem. (I’ m an enabler and I’m easily enabled)

I’ll tell you why this is a problem.

  1. We bought a house
  2. We’re expecting a baby
  3. We’re getting married in October
  4. I spend a ridiculous amount of money on a wedding dress yesterday. It was totally worth it though.

So all of these things made me realise that I should spend my money on more important stuff than fabric shopping (Yep, apparently there are more important stuff, who knew?!)

So from now on I’ll start using my enormous stash to make clothes. And because I don’t do anything unless it’s official (and by official I mean, telling you all, so I’d feel guilty if I broke my promise) here is my new pledge.

I, Stéphanie from Love-Teach-Sew, pledge to only use fabric and patterns* from my stash and as many notions as possible from my stash up until the day the baby is born.

(*Fabric and patterns for baby not included, but I’m not planning on building a stash for the baby and only buy what I need)

I’m kind of looking forward to it and it might give me a change to declutter my mind as I’ll actually make the garments I have planned instead of buying more stuff and coming up with more projects.

Have you ever had a reason to stash bust? Are you a fabric addict/hoarder?