The One with All the Maternity and Moving Plans

The Moving Part I haven’t been blogging much lately and that has everything to do with our big move which is coming up a month from today. I mainly keep busy by planning all the renovations which need to be done – it didn’t seem much at first but boy, was I wrong – Two weeks from today, the house will be officially ours and while we have already been doing construction work on it, it doesn’t feel like we can do anything we want just yet. We are redoing the entire electrics – they date back to 1967, so … Continue reading The One with All the Maternity and Moving Plans

The One with the Sewcialbee

The challenge About a week ago me and some fellow sewcialists were talking about the new ‘Great Online Sewing Bee’ on Twitter. Some of us applied, we even had some matching hashtags (#pickheather, #pickgillian, #picklaura) but sadly, none of them got picked (I still think this is a huge mistake!) While talking about this we decided that we wanted our own low-key sewing challenge. Something fun, without the actual pressure, judges or prizes. We would get a challenge and then just have fun making those. We wanted to have a test run with a smaller group for the first challenge … Continue reading The One with the Sewcialbee

The One with the Great Discovery

Everyone who knows me a bit, knows that I hate tracing patterns. That would be Hate with a capital H. But they would also know that I’m too much of a chicken to cut into my patterns.  So that leaves me with a huge dilemma each time I want to try a new pattern. For the last few weeks my hate for tracing was so big I only made patterns that I had made before (read: traced before) or Megan Nielsen’s patterns because I know my size in her patterns so I’m not afraid to cut into them. I’ve tried … Continue reading The One with the Great Discovery

The One with the Meet-Up

Those who know me a bit, know that I’m incredibly jealous each time someone organises a meet-up. Why? Because they are all out of reach!(geographically, therefore financially) But now we’re finally planning a Belgian/Dutch meet-up! Yay! I can’t begin to explain how excited I am! If you want in and join me, Anneke, Joost, Jo, Lisa and Inge for all the meet-up fun, you can send an email to Anneke (she’s the organising queen!) at annekecaramin (at) hotmail (dot) com. They more, the merrier! You can also fill in the Doodle to pick a date. The deadline is quite close, I … Continue reading The One with the Meet-Up