The One with the Meet-Up

Those who know me a bit, know that I’m incredibly jealous each time someone organises a meet-up. Why? Because they are all out of reach!(geographically, therefore financially)

But now we’re finally planning a Belgian/Dutch meet-up! Yay! I can’t begin to explain how excited I am!

If you want in and join me, Anneke, Joost, Jo, Lisa and Inge for all the meet-up fun, you can send an email to Anneke (she’s the organising queen!) at annekecaramin (at) hotmail (dot) com.

They more, the merrier! You can also fill in the Doodle to pick a date. The deadline is quite close, I think because we’re all that excited!

Now the only remaining question is: What am I going to wear for christ sake! I can’t wear anything I’ve worn before so I’ll have to make something new (like that’s a problem). Only thing is, I’ll have to get creative since I’m stash busting!


All I have left to say is that Carlton expresses exactly how I feel about this!



7 thoughts on “The One with the Meet-Up

  1. oooo, I am just so jealous again! Once there is a meet up that might be just within reach (although I don’t quite fit the Belgian/Dutch criteria, but I would have quietly sat by one side 😉 ) but unfortunately I can’t make any of those dates 😦 – our school year only ends at the end of July…
    ANyway, have a great time!


      1. Oh, I wouldn’t have guessed you were German! It has it’s up and downsides ofcourse. But hey, if we’re having it during the weekend maybe you can still find an opening. Always welcome!


  2. I’m always jealous of the meetups too! I doubt anyone will ever come near where I live and I’m always too far from the usual meetup locations in the States.

    Happy for you to finally be able to attend one! I plan to live vicariously. =)


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