The One with the Meet-Up

Those who know me a bit, know that I’m incredibly jealous each time someone organises a meet-up. Why? Because they are all out of reach!(geographically, therefore financially)

But now we’re finally planning a Belgian/Dutch meet-up! Yay! I can’t begin to explain how excited I am!

If you want in and join me, Anneke, Joost, Jo, LisaΒ and Inge for all the meet-up fun, you can send an email to Anneke (she’s the organising queen!) at annekecaramin (at) hotmail (dot) com.

They more, the merrier! You can also fill in the Doodle to pick a date. The deadline is quite close, I think because we’re all that excited!

Now the only remaining question is: What am I going to wear for christ sake! I can’t wear anything I’ve worn before so I’ll have to make something new (like that’s a problem). Only thing is, I’ll have to get creative since I’m stash busting!


All I have left to say is that Carlton expresses exactly how I feel about this!




7 thoughts on “The One with the Meet-Up

  1. oooo, I am just so jealous again! Once there is a meet up that might be just within reach (although I don’t quite fit the Belgian/Dutch criteria, but I would have quietly sat by one side πŸ˜‰ ) but unfortunately I can’t make any of those dates 😦 – our school year only ends at the end of July…
    ANyway, have a great time!


  2. I’m always jealous of the meetups too! I doubt anyone will ever come near where I live and I’m always too far from the usual meetup locations in the States.

    Happy for you to finally be able to attend one! I plan to live vicariously. =)


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