The One with the Calendar

I have been planning to do a lot of sewing but when plans just stay in my head and don’t get transferred to some kind of calendar, they tend to get pushed back. So I decided to make my own calendar as I tend to absolutely hate the ones you can buy are find online. I’m very picky about calendars 🙂 Because I put in the effort to make one, I thought why not share it with you all. This one is just for the month of August (yes, I know, it’s the 5th already, but the idea only came to me today) but others will be following.

You can download it as a .jpeg (click the image) or as .pptx (click the link) if you want to modify it 🙂 I made everything myself except the sewcialist logo which I generated here (it was developed by the brilliance that is Joost) and the #sewcialbee logo which I stole from the #Sewcialbee Flickr group, made by the ever creative Gillian, but hey, no #sewcialists calendar would be any good without them.

august 2013

Sewcialist Calendar August 2013

And if you’re interested in what mine looks like. Here it is:

You might recognise some line drawings :)
You might recognise some line drawings 🙂

I know that this looks ambitious but all of these projects are fast and serger friendly knit patterns. I really need some more clothes as pregnancy creeps along and I have to prepare for the upcoming school year.  So I plan to do some sewing each day 🙂

I would love to hear what you think 🙂

5 thoughts on “The One with the Calendar

  1. What a great idea! I like that you filled yours with little pictures instead of words – makes it look so much more fun!

    I’m suddenly getting a very full calendar. As a freelancer, everything always seems to hit at once. I’m starting a full-time sewing job next Monday on top of my part-time job at the fabric store. Before all that happens I have 2 patterns to test for someone else, and I just got a call this afternoon to recover some of the sections of my chiropractor’s table! And I need to blog…

    Can’t wait to see your new wardrobe!


  2. Wow, that’s an ambitious sewing plan! And it wil make a fun wardrobe once it’s finished I think. Good luck!

    p.s. what kind of knit fabrics do you use and where do you buy them? I mostly used viscose/lycra knits but am not at all happy with how they cling to my body.


    1. I mostly use cotton/viscose blends or just viscose. They don’t cling and feel very soft. I order most of my knits on or Fairly cheap, wide range and fast delivery 🙂


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