The One with the Fall Essential Sew-Along 2013 – Maternity Edition

I’m an Autumn colour type so naturally it’s my favourite season. So naturally when I came by the “Fall Essentials Sew-Along 2013” I had to join in. Mine will be the “Maternity edition” obviously 🙂 So what is this sew-along about? (I’m copying this directly from Rhinestones & Telephones blog) “Fall is often a very busy season for many of us, filled with activities that often have us running hither and yon. Making your items should be a form of relaxation; a time to slow down and enjoy the creative process. You can make as many items as you like. Some … Continue reading The One with the Fall Essential Sew-Along 2013 – Maternity Edition

The One with the Autumn Coat (2)

The ‘making of the coat’ is going slower than I thought. But that’s mainly due to life getting in the way. But it gave me time to treat my outer shell fabric to become waterproof and to reconsider the pattern I was about to use. I had bought the Amy Butler pattern when I just started sewing and I had cut out the pattern. Somehow it turned out a tad too small, well, wearable in a thin spring/summer fabric, but not in a winter appropriate fabric. I wanted to do some adjustments to make it a bit bigger and then … Continue reading The One with the Autumn Coat (2)

The One with the Pants dilemma

Right before school started I went out and bought some pants. Why? Because my belly doesn’t fit my previous pants anymore and somehow I didn’t feel up to sewing pants while being pregnant. I came home with regular non-maternity pants because somehow I look aweful in maternity RTW pants and these were all quite low cut. They fitted like a dream and I felt that I could just keep on wearing them. Well, guess I had it wrong! 2,5 weeks later and they don’t quite fit anymore. The bump has suddenly gotten a lot bigger and the pants aren’t comfy … Continue reading The One with the Pants dilemma

The One with the Fabric Fair!

Today I had an impromptu fabric fair visit. The day before yesterday I found out that this giant travelling fabric fair was coming to Antwerp and it seemed the perfect opportunity to get some fabric for winter maternity wear. I asked Anneke to join me and she invited the rest of our Brussels meet up, but sadly only Hanne could make it. (She’s awesome though!) We met at Starbucks and took the tram to the fair. We wanted to get there bright and early so we wouldn’t have the big rush of people, too bad it seemed like everyone had … Continue reading The One with the Fabric Fair!

The One with the Maternity Mash-Up

This is kind of a special post. Why? Because it’s the first garment made in my new house, in my new sewingroom and the first pictures taken in my own backyard! But on to more important stuff! I wanted to recreate the dress on the right, but seriously… $159 for a jersey dress!!! No way I was going to pay that amount of money. But I think my $10 version on the left worked out perfectly! So how did I do it? I went through my pattern stash and pulled out these two lovely Megan Nielsen patterns. (I love her … Continue reading The One with the Maternity Mash-Up

The One with the Autumn Coat (1)

It turned cold really fast, well not cold perse, but a lot cooler… And a lot wetter. It’s too hot for a real winter coat but my raincoat is getting too tight 🙂 So I went through my stash, matched my favorite coat pattern with lovely stash fabric and tomorrow I’ll be good to go. Should be finished by the end of the week 🙂 And since everything came out of my stash, I consider this a freebie! Pattern: Amy Butler Rainy Days Hooded Raincoat Fabric: Floral velours – Polytex / green fleece for bodice lining / green acetate for … Continue reading The One with the Autumn Coat (1)

The One with All the Outfit planning

I was reading Tilly’s latest post and it hit me! Having ideas about my wardrobe isn’t enough. I’ve started colour coordinating, but I fell short when it comes to outfit coordinating. I usually like quick instant gratification when it comes to sewing (remember the August challenge I set myself and clearly failed), but that results in single garments without an actual outfit to complete them and make them all special and truly wearable. This needs fixing. So I started thinking about my own style. What type of clothing do I actually like and wear? My favourite season would be somewhere … Continue reading The One with All the Outfit planning

The One Where We Got Organised

We had a busy few weeks. The 4 weeks of construction in our house are over and even if we’re nowhere near done, at least we’ve got flooring, ceilings, hot water and a new shower. We’re living on the top floor of our house now. So things are temporary. My father was here everyday for the past four weeks, working day in, day out. I swear it would have been impossible without him. But now even he has to get back to his regular job and construction will be limited to weekends only. So while life resumes we need some … Continue reading The One Where We Got Organised