The One with All the Outfit planning

I was reading Tilly’s latest post and it hit me! Having ideas about my wardrobe isn’t enough. I’ve started colour coordinating, but I fell short when it comes to outfit coordinating. I usually like quick instant gratification when it comes to sewing (remember the August challenge I set myself and clearly failed), but that results in single garments without an actual outfit to complete them and make them all special and truly wearable. This needs fixing.

So I started thinking about my own style. What type of clothing do I actually like and wear?
My favourite season would be somewhere between summer and winter. Let’s call it autumn, for argument’s sake. I like the fact that it calls for layers but without making you feel like a trifle.

If I look at what I like I would say ‘almost everything’. As long as it is feminine. Too bad I can’t go round looking like a Mad Men character 24/7. Outfits like Joan’s in Mad Men are (for me) ‘cake’ outfits. Those are outfits which will only get worn on special occassions because those are not the clothes I feel comfortable in while teaching. It has mostly to do with the fact that I don’t feel like a grown-up yet, so each time I wear high heels and fancy dresses, I kind of feel like I’m in disguise.


I totally admire (read: daydream) about people who aren’t afraid to pull off the Joan look. I would consider the best example the ever lovely Julia. I’m so not going to show her pictures to my boyfriend, because he’ll want me to look the same. Heck, even I want to look like her. But it wouldn’t be me. She graciously allowed me to show you her pictures to stake my argument 🙂


So now that you know which style I wish I was, let’s talk about the things I tend to reach for.

I like ‘short’ dresses but I hate that my legs are always pasty white so I only wear them at times that I can pair them with tights or leggings. That’s why you’ll see me wear skirts and dresses in winter, but pants in summer. I’m weird like that. (This summer was a bit of an exception as it was sweltering hot!) So I normally go for short dresses (short for me is above the knee) or longer tunics with tights or leggings. I like slouchy boots with a little heel because they are comfy but add some much needed height. To top it all off I just put on a cardi, preferably a long knitted one and a scarf.

Due to my changing condition – the little thing inside me grows a little bit each day – I’m not able to wear the dresses I was wearing last year.

So now that I had decided what my style is and what I want to wear, it was time to go through my wardrobe and see what was lurking there.
We are still in the middle of doing construction work in our house. Part of that is waiting for the new windows to arrive, so while we’re doing that I can’t set up my large wardrobe yet. Which means my entire stack of clothing is packed into boxes. Because I can’t really unpack all the boxes yet, I decided to just take out the clothes I can still fit into (being pregnant and all) This has been an overwhelming disappointment. If it starts freezing tomorrow, I’ll be good to go… But until then, I’ve got a serious problem… My first plan was to work with what I’ve got and add the necessary garments to make everything work, but after reading the blog post by Jenny about ‘Sewing a Wardrobe and defeating the monster in the closet‘ I realised that making it work with stuff I don’t like to wear isn’t going to give me a great wardrobe, it’s going to give me a shitty wardrobe filled with things I’ll never wear outside my pregnancy and it won’t make me feel good about my pregnancy.

So I’m very much looking forward to Jenny’s next post because believe me, reading the first post in the series was like someone writing down exactly what was in my mind. Kinda scary 🙂

Lots of people keep telling me that they went through their whole pregnancy with only a few items. That’s nice for them, but that’s not me. I love clothes, I can make my own clothes, why not feel pretty for the next 4,5 months! Besides, I’m working with a very though crowd each day… Teenagers… I seriously could not and would not get away with only three outfits for the rest of my pregnancy.
Luckily for me, I already loved wearing dresses which give my belly room to breathe, so if I do this the smart way, I’ll still be able to wear most of those clothes next winter or next pregnancy (or at least that’s what I keep telling myself)

So for the first time in my sewing ‘career’ I took the time for planning. Now that I have my iPad it’s a lot easier. I use the OneNote App (the only good thing Microsoft ever made) to plan my garments. I use it as a scrapbook for inspiration, possible patterns to match, alterations I need to make etc. It feels good to have it out of my head and into writing because now I can just take the right page and do as it says 🙂 This keeps my sewing time open for actual sewing stuff instead of wasting it on thinking stuff 🙂 I ordered swatches, am planning time to make muslins… Yes, yes, I’m turning over a new leaf!

And now that my sewing room is finally set up I’m good to go. (it’s temporarily in the future nursery, but still, it’s a room and there will be sewing…)

Sneak peek at what I'm planning
Sneak peek at what I’m planning

too damn high

4 thoughts on “The One with All the Outfit planning

  1. Good heavens, I am so impressed! During my pregnancies I had pregnancy brain at the stage you are at now and could not even think ab out being so organised. Good for you! I will follow your sewing plans – who knows, maybe something rubs off on me 😉


    1. Believe me, I have pregnancy brain as well, but it hasn’t infected my sewing yet 🙂 It has messed with me when it comes to doing grocery shopping or remembering to pick up or drop off stuff. I always forget at least two or three things, but my sewing is safe (for now)


      1. That’s great to know 🙂 . Just make sure you don’t starve in the middle of all your fabrics because you forgot to buy food 😉


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