The One with the Fabric Fair!

Today I had an impromptu fabric fair visit. The day before yesterday I found out that this giant travelling fabric fair was coming to Antwerp and it seemed the perfect opportunity to get some fabric for winter maternity wear.

I asked Anneke to join me and she invited the rest of our Brussels meet up, but sadly only Hanne could make it. (She’s awesome though!)

We met at Starbucks and took the tram to the fair. We wanted to get there bright and early so we wouldn’t have the big rush of people, too bad it seemed like everyone had the exact same idea.

Plenty of people and plenty of fabric. So naturally I walked away with some of it πŸ™‚

I tried to stick to my own colour palette (on top) and the one Gillian made for me (at the bottom), because I’m trying to be more coordinated.



So here’s what I bought!


On the left: a sweater knit in a lovely deep dark teal colour. The picture doesn’t do it any justice.
On the right: a warm thick jersey knit. I bought enough for leggings and a dress, but I’ll have to cut it single layer to get the stripes to match.


On the left: a thin jersey with what looks like a lace overlay but isn’t.
On the right: a rich stretch velour. It’s cotton on the inside so it’ll be a great winter dress



Seriously! It’s a knit! With foxes on it! How could I resist!

Do you think I behaved? Do you like the colours?


24 thoughts on “The One with the Fabric Fair!

  1. I LOVE the colours!!!!!! You really found good versions of “your” colours, and they’re all good for winter, too. Sweet! And the fox fabric? Insane, awesome, and so much fun!


  2. Plezant! Ik wou ook eerst gaan maar omdat ik constant hoorde dat het super druk is, dacht ik toch maar niet, ik heb hier nog zooooooooo veel stof liggen. Maar als ik nu overal die stofje zie, denk ik doeme toch. Ach ja, ondertussen heb ik weer bijna een rok klaar. Morgen nog de juiste kleur rits gaan kopen, dat geeft ook voldoening πŸ˜‰


  3. so sad I couldn’t join you guys… I might try and go when the stoffenspektakel comes to Leuven or Mechelen next month… in case you want to do some more shopping πŸ™‚


  4. Was it the stoffenspektakel? I just went there last weekend in Leeuwarden. I also went early. It was already pretty busy but not too bad. Sometimes I had to wait a few minutes but never more than 3 people ahead of me. I came out with about 60 euros worth in two big shopping bags. I love the fabric fair!


    • Yes, it was that one. We never had to wait very long, but sometimes had a hard time actually getting to the fabrics πŸ™‚ I spend about 100 euros, so I consider that within budget. I would have thought there were more cheaper fabrics.


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