The One with the Autumn Coat (2)

The ‘making of the coat’ is going slower than I thought. But that’s mainly due to life getting in the way. But it gave me time to treat my outer shell fabric to become waterproof and to reconsider the pattern I was about to use. I had bought the Amy Butler pattern when I just started sewing and I had cut out the pattern. Somehow it turned out a tad too small, well, wearable in a thin spring/summer fabric, but not in a winter appropriate fabric. I wanted to do some adjustments to make it a bit bigger and then adjust it to the growing bump, but in the end it would have meant so many alterations that it was crazy even thinking about it.

So with the help of some Sewcialists I found a new pattern. The lucky pattern is Burda 7024 and the only alteration it needs is that I need to add a hoodie. But I can use the Amy Butler pattern for that. I’ll keep you posted!


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