The One with the Pants dilemma

Right before school started I went out and bought some pants. Why? Because my belly doesn’t fit my previous pants anymore and somehow I didn’t feel up to sewing pants while being pregnant.

I came home with regular non-maternity pants because somehow I look aweful in maternity RTW pants and these were all quite low cut. They fitted like a dream and I felt that I could just keep on wearing them.

Well, guess I had it wrong! 2,5 weeks later and they don’t quite fit anymore. The bump has suddenly gotten a lot bigger and the pants aren’t comfy when buttoned up anymore.

So here is my dilemma: Do I turn these into maternity pants or do I make maternity pants?

1. I really like these pants and I would feel bad for cutting them up and not being able to wear them again next winter (unless I’m pregnant again)

2. I really like these pants and I would feel bad if I wasn’t able to wear them anymore this winter plus I would have to sew completely new pants, because maternity RTW still looks horrible on me.

What should I do?

PS Before you say: Just don’t wear pants: I know I could do that and I even prefer skirts and dresses but I bike to school so sometimes you just want pants.
PPS If my students could read this they would kick me because I teach them that the proper word is ‘trousers’ and I don’t even use it myself πŸ˜‰

15 thoughts on “The One with the Pants dilemma

  1. I think you should make yourself more leggings in a warm, heavy knit. And put those under your dresses. πŸ™‚
    You could also get yourself some really expensive maternity trousers that fit well?
    Another thing to think about is that you will maybe get more wear out of the pair you bought when you don’t cut it up, since you will be non-pregnant for a longer period of time? (Although, a friend of mine said that she loves her maternity pants so much she still wears them, her daughter turned 2 recently) So maybe do cut up the trousers you bought so you can wear them the next 5 years and you’ll not have to worry about any belly that might stick around πŸ™‚


      1. hm. I have a leggings are no pants rule which you are only allowed to break in yoga class. Warm leggings underneath your dress? (I still think it’s the best solution!)


      2. I do agree with the leggings aren’t pants, but I don’t mind wearing them as pants with a tunic or long shirt on top. As long as the behind is covered I’m okay πŸ™‚


      3. I would like that as well, especially as it seems the people using leggings as pants aren’t the skinny supermodel types… And they tend to wear semi-transparant leggings as well!


    1. Misschien wel, ik heb alleen schrik dat het hele systeem niet fiets- en lesgeefproof is πŸ™‚ En het voelt zo als een amateuristische oplossing voor iemand die kan naaien πŸ™‚


  2. I think the main question is: will the pants (I don’t use the would trousers either) fit you when you are your normal non-pregnant size? Or did they only fit because you were pregnant when you bought them? If they won’t fit you at your normal size, alter them to fit you through your pregnancy and get a bunch of use out of them. =)


  3. I found pregnancy tricky when it came to clothes! It’s hard work knowing what size you’re going to end up and whether any maternity clothes you do buy are going to fit for the duration.
    I’ve not used these but I’ve seen these around – so long as your bottom and hips don’t expand too much they may get you to 6 months or beyond. How we change shape is very individual πŸ™‚


  4. When I was pregnant I made trousers (I’m just gonna be a little bit stubborn and keep using the “proper” word πŸ˜‰ ) from a Burda pattern (can’t remember which one I’m afraid as this is a while back, but I think these patterns come round over and over again. )They were those where the tummy section is a knit and the rest a stretch woven and they were pull on – so basically like leggins but with a more substantial trouser look. They were made up really quickly and they will last you throughout the pregnancy (and a little while after πŸ˜‰ ) without any fuss. So I would leave the nice new trousers as they are and wear them afterwards. Gives you something to look forward to in those months where you don’t have the time or energy to go shopping or sew!


    1. I saw that pattern and tried to buy it, but the shop didn’t have it anymore so I’m trying somewhere else tomorrow πŸ™‚ They seemed easy enough and I have stretch denim in my stash, so they’re definitely an option πŸ™‚


  5. Going through my pile of Burda magazines I just noticed I have complete copy of 2/2012 with the maternity section lying around. Are you interested? It is in German though, but I suppose most of the patterns are self-explanatory anyway. So if you want me to send the copy on to you, let me know.


    1. That’s really sweet but I must admit that I’m already struggling with Burda instructions in Dutch and my German never even reached the basic level in school so it wouldn’t be much help πŸ™‚


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