The One with the Outfits

So, I’ve been working on putting together outfits with the clothes that still fit me so it’ll be easier to see what I’m still missing and what I have to make. Dresses have never been a problem, so I’ll be concentrating on seperates only in this post. This is what I came up with so far seeing I lack a lot of tops/tshirts to make the other pieces work 🙂 Just a cardi and a skirt just isn’t enough apparently. I’ve created two sets and the good thing is that out of all these clothes I only bought 2 of … Continue reading The One with the Outfits

The One With The Weird Dresses

Working on my maternity wardrobe I got stuck on some dresses. All of these dresses have the same problem. They are knitted, very warm and perfect for winter but they came with short sleeves and I just don’t know what to pair them with or how to alter them. They fit, so that’s not the problem but I’ve maybe worn each of them once seeing the short sleeves threw me off course. Some of these are bought, some of these were a gift and I can’t throw them away because well… I like them, I just don’t know how to … Continue reading The One With The Weird Dresses