The One With The Weird Dresses

Working on my maternity wardrobe I got stuck on some dresses. All of these dresses have the same problem. They are knitted, very warm and perfect for winter but they came with short sleeves and I just don’t know what to pair them with or how to alter them. They fit, so that’s not the problem but I’ve maybe worn each of them once seeing the short sleeves threw me off course. Some of these are bought, some of these were a gift and I can’t throw them away because well… I like them, I just don’t know how to wear them.


Any help? Any advice?

7 thoughts on “The One With The Weird Dresses

    1. Damn, I just liked the sound of armwarmers 🙂 I think I’ll have to take the sleeves off eventually. Because paired with a cardi they are too damn hot and I would still have to wear something underneath to keep it from being scratchy.


  1. I’d wear a short sleeve t-shirt underneath, I do that with most of my scratchy short sleeve sweater and a blazer to cover my arms when I feel cold. At least if you start to feel too warm you can remove the blazer. If a blazer is too much the only other thing I can suggest is a shawl. I wear them all the time at the office when I wear short sleeve garments.


    1. I can get really cold here 🙂 And I don’t own any blazers 🙂 And shawls are not very practical 🙂 I’ll just get it over with and cut off the sleeves 🙂


  2. I have the same problem – why do they make so many short sleeved sweater dresses?? I only have one (because I refuse to buy any type of sweater without full-length sleeves now) but I can’t really find the right long-sleeved shirt to wear under it.

    I really like the red (or maybe it’s orange?) dress you have! I think if any of them looked okay with a shirt under, it would be that one.


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