The One with a Word of Warning

I love sewing, but sometimes it’s a hobby which can get a little expensive. Especially when you need (read: want) all the available notions. Who can say no to gorgeous buttons and pretty ribbons… I for sure can’t. So I try to save on each one if I can by looking for a cheaper replacement. But sometimes, sewing karma comes back to bite you in the ass. One of the things I frequently use is fusible hemming tape (or fusible web). I use it in all widths because I find it practical when hemming. The hem just doesn’t shift while … Continue reading The One with a Word of Warning

The One with The Perfect Fleece Cardigan

Every girl or woman is guilty of wearing her husband’s/boyfriend’s fleece sweater at least once. We all know it, they’re comfy, they’re warm, they’re even a bit comforting. However, what they are not is flattering or attractive. Wouldn’t it be great to have a fleece that’s just as warm, just as comfy but flattering at the same time… I found the perfect fleece cardigan! (This is a word heavy post so for pictures, scroll down) I finally gave in and ordered a bunch of Style Arc patterns. Not just one, I ordered 11! It was totally justified because shipping rates … Continue reading The One with The Perfect Fleece Cardigan

The One with All the Maternity sewing

So, I’m back and I need to get some posts out of the way. I’ve decided to stop waiting for good pictures before I blog about all my past makes. Winter is coming and we still have no central heating so changing clothes once a day is painful enough, let alone go through it several times to pose for pictures. I do have a remote and a tripod by now, but I feel guilty using them for new pictures before I’ve blogged about everything else. Overthinking it much? Before I start showing you all the pictures I feel pretty confident … Continue reading The One with All the Maternity sewing

The One where I’m still alive

Just a quick word to let you know I’m not dead, life is just getting in the way of blogging. I have been sewing though, a lot even but I can’t seem to get good pics because my hubby hates taking them and messes them up every time. Also, it’s dark by the time he gets home. So I’ve ordered a remote and a larger tripod so I can take pictures myself. I have been blogging mentally, telling you all about my new garments but I just don’t find the time to actually write about them. I will though, but … Continue reading The One where I’m still alive