The One where I need Holiday Inspiration

Hi guys,

I need your help!
I want to wear something pretty for the upcoming holidays but I’m all out of ideas. I want to look pretty and festive and not feel like whale. My problem is mostly due to the fact that I have such nice fabric in my stash that it would feel like a waste using it for a one time maternity holiday dress.

Is that weird?

So any suggestions? On patterns or fabric?

And for those interested here’s a small construction and baby update:

We’re getting our central heating installed today (finally). The upstairs are finished apart from the painting. We’ve decided to keep our temporary kitchen for now since construction is so much more expensive than we originally thought and we’d like to keep some money for the baby 🙂

Speaking of the baby, it is doing perfect. Heartbeat is super strong and it moves all the time. I’ve got 8 more weeks to go and I’m definitely countng down as It’s getting harder and harder for me 🙂 The weight I gained is situated all on my belly which is good, but because of that my balance is all off and my back has to carry the shifted weight. Which caused my back muscles to tense up. I’m in constant pain so I carry around a heat pad wherever I go 🙂 The thing that bothers me most about my back is that it keeps me from sewing since sitting at my desk and bending over is nearly killing me 🙂 I’ve also stopped being able to put on my own shoes and socks, even getting in and out of the shower has proven to be difficult at times (the bath tub border is too high)

But I’m happy the baby is doing great and everything else is forgotten as soon as the baby starts kicking. I love it so much already!

5 thoughts on “The One where I need Holiday Inspiration

  1. I’m short on time to make myself something for a Christmas party, so I’ve decided to make myself a sequined cami with a remnant of red sequined fabric I bought at work. It can be worn under a blazer with a skirt or jeans. If you have any sparkly festive fabric, you could do the same thing or even a fancy scarf! Think simple separates in extra fancy fabrics. =)


  2. Glad to hear your baby is doing well! I have no suggestions for maternity dressing. Maybe something with pleats so it can expand over your belly, but still have shape to it.


  3. How about some of the Megan Nielsen maternity patterns?
    Maybe buy some cheap satin with a nice sheen, looks very festive!
    Or only sew a really nice and chic shirt or blouse, and wear it with some maternity pants you already own. Pair it with some nice jewelry, and you’ll feel awesome!


    1. I do have all her patterns so that could be a plan. I actually finally found a fabric I liked and my brother-in-law is bringing it back with him from the States. Only thing I forgot was that he only gets back on the 24th 🙂 So I’ll have to look for other fabric as well 🙂


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