My year in sewing

I was all set to write about my hits and misses.
But then it got me thinking and I erased it all.
So I thought about my reflections and wrote about those and I erased it all.
I wrote about my inspiration and goals and I erased it all.

2013 was a wonderful year in which I met wonderful people.
I learned a shit load of new stuff.
I also learned a ton about myself.
I know what I did wrong and I know what I can do to fix those things.
I made lots of plans and felt guilty when they didn’t happen.

In 2014 I just want to feel good about myself and my life.
Sewing is who I am and that will never change. Sewing is what makes me happy and makes my life complete.
But as John Lennon said: “Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.”

So the only thing I’m planning in 2014 is getting this baby out and then I’ll see where life takes me.

Happy 2014, happy sewing!

6 thoughts on “My year in sewing

  1. Here’s to a great new year for you! Good look with “getting this baby out” and with all the other changes that motherhood will bring.
    xx Chris


  2. Perfect way to approach the new year! I’ve never liked making New Year’s Resolutions and generally just continue on with life. Having your baby is definitely the biggest “to-do” on your list for the year and it’s good to just take life as it comes. No need to add the unnecessary stress of self-inflicted deadlines!

    Have a wonderful New Year – I look forward to seeing where life takes you! =)


  3. good on you – I never think it is overly healthy to linger on what has been and can’t be changed, or to create too many expectations for the future that they become unrealistic… it is so much important to enjoy everything we do. I wish you a lot of happiness and especially enjoyment in 2013 – in your new home, with your baby, and doing the things you love x


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