The One With The Baby

I was totally ready to post about my newly organised sewing room, but that night this little miracle decided it was time to meet mommy and daddy.

Meet Emily.


She was born 22 days early, but healthy enough to go home as planned. She’ s the sweetest baby ever, she only cries when she’s hungry and she even lets us get enough sleep at night. We must be one of the very few parents who are not overly exhausted after having a new baby. I’m afraid we might not be this lucky with baby number 2.

She’s two weeks old now and even mommy’s doing very well. I’m already back to my pre-pregnancy weight and size. (The high waisted skirts I made last winter, fit me again). I must be cheating the system or something, because this is nothing like people told me it would be.

Ofcourse, it is quite a change. My husband is completely in love with his daughter. And the cat … Well, the cat is not happy since she doesn’t understand why this wrigly little thing gets more attention than she does. I understand why so many sewcialists with children order fabric online cause it takes forever to get the baby ready to go anywhere. And the few times I risked a quick trip to the store without her, I would get a call from my husband telling me to come back because she’s hungry. The joys of breastfeeding 😉

I’ll write about the sewing room and everything else for sure, but for now, it’s hard to do anything but stare at the little lady 🙂

16 thoughts on “The One With The Baby

  1. Congratulations, she is gorgeous! I can’t believe how good she is already…you are definitely very lucky! Enjoy your time with your new creation 😄


  2. Congratulations! She is so beautiful. I know what you mean about breastfeeding and it limiting your outings alone. I still think it is worth it! 🙂 Enjoy every moment with this beautiful baby.


    1. It really is worth it. And yes, it is limiting, but at least I don’t have to get up in the middle of the night to heat a bottle. I also find it pretty convenient that my breasts know when it’s time to feed her 😀


  3. Congratulations!! What a lovely post. I could just stare at babies all day, even when they’re not mine!

    My daughter was like that with the sleeping and eating, she was a very low maintenance baby. She is quite a high maintenance six year old though, and her brother was a sleep disaster 🙂 Anyway, enjoy your tiny little one and long may her good habits last!


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