The One where the Evil Masterplan worked

When I was pregnant I wanted to sew as much as I could in the hope my baby would get used to the sound of the sewing machine. That way, once she was born I could use her as an excuse to sew more. “But I need to sew honey, it calms down the baby!” And apparently it worked. I bought a baby carrier today so I could carry her around and get things done around the house. In the evenings she tends to get a bit fussy and I decided to put her in, get behind my sewing machine … Continue reading The One where the Evil Masterplan worked

The One with the Bapron

My baby is a spitter, a cute one, but a spitter non the less. It’s amazing that she grows like she does, considering all the milk she doesn’t keep down. She isn’t bothered by it and if it were just about extra laundry nor would I be. But she doesn’t like to change clothes, so having to do it 5-6 times a day because she’s covered in milk, isn’t making her any happier. So I had to think of something. And when I came across the Bapron (baby apron), I felt like I found my answer. It seems like the … Continue reading The One with the Bapron

The One with the Sew Dolly Clackett!

Sarah over at Rhinestones and Telephones is hosting a Sew Dolly Clackett challenge/competition in honour of Roisin Muldoon (aka Dolly Clackett)‘s wedding in May. Hop on over for the details. And because you obviously love her as well, (who doesn’t) you’ll obviously sew along. Just don’t win that thing, ’cause that’s what I’m gonna do 😉 I’ve got the perfect pattern and perfect fabric picked out already… Hubby is not going to like this though, he hates novelty prints. But then again, they can’t all be as perfect as Nic 😉 Continue reading The One with the Sew Dolly Clackett!

The One with the Wardrobe Architect Epiphany!

You guys, I just had THE best idea! Probably due to the fact that it’s 3 am, I just fed the baby and I should be sleeping, but no, I’m wide awake and thinking about sewing! You all know I’m following along in the Colette Wardrobe Series and that the last two weeks she had us pick out our colours and our palette. Well, I was playing around with my colours in Keynote on the iPad (well, the baby needs feeding a lot and when doing so I’ve only got use over one hand and a girl needs to do … Continue reading The One with the Wardrobe Architect Epiphany!

Wardrobe Architect Week 6

Questions for this week: How do I transform my list of colours into a wearable palette? Which colours do I need more of and which do I need less of. Which colours do I consider true neutrals, which are nearly neutrals and which are my accent colours. True neutrals These are the colours I would wear for camis and leggings. Apart from the black and the midnight I wouldn’t wear them as a solid single garment (a sweater, pants, etc) because they are too boring. Nearly neutrals These are the colours I wear on a daily basis and for every … Continue reading Wardrobe Architect Week 6

Wardrobe Architect Week 5

In week 5 we looked at our colours. I’ve done a post about my colours some time ago. Since then I’ve updated them and for this exercise I’ve added the names. (Mostly because not every screen shows them in the same way) I’m an autumn type, I had my colours done a few years ago and I must say that they weren’t a big surprise. I tend to pick out the colours that suit me. Too bad fashion seems to disagree with my preferences 🙂 Luckily that’s where sewing comes in 🙂 I don’t have seperate winter or summer colours, … Continue reading Wardrobe Architect Week 5

The One with The Blue Itty Bitty Baby Dress

During one of her naptimes (well, a few of them) I managed to cut out 4 Itty Bitty Baby dresses, the free newborn baby dress by Made by Rae. I cut the larger size as I wanted this to fit her a little bit longer. Since these need very little fabric I cut out two blue chambray and two pink cotton poplin ones (I still have 15m of the poplin left). I wanted to make matching tights since I didn’t want her legs to be cold and all she has for ‘pants’ are pajama onesies so I used the free … Continue reading The One with The Blue Itty Bitty Baby Dress

Wardrobe Architect Week 3

This week on Wardrobe Architect we had to look at the different shapes in clothing in order to find out which ones we feel comfortable in and make us happy. In order to look at shapes the worksheet wants us to grade garments based on ‘ease’, ‘length’, ‘fullness’ and ‘waistline’. So here goes… Dresses: I like my dresses somewhat fitted and knee-length. I don’t like them shorter because I don’t want to flash anything when I lift my arms. I like the same fullness as I do on skirts but I like my waistline to be high or natural. Skirts: I like … Continue reading Wardrobe Architect Week 3

Wardrobe Architect Week 2

Week 2 of the Wardrobe Architect series is all about finding your core style. On too many occasions I’ve pinned perfectly lovely outfits and wishing I could make and wear them, not realising that none of those were things I would actually wear. This week seemed easy at first but it did require some serious thinking. My favourite clothing makes me feel… Confident, put together and feminine. I feel attractive but grown up at the same time. They make me feel like people take me seriously when I say something. They also make me feel sexy and I’m more outgoing … Continue reading Wardrobe Architect Week 2