Wardrobe Architect Week 3

This week on Wardrobe Architect we had to look at the different shapes in clothing in order to find out which ones we feel comfortable in and make us happy. In order to look at shapes the worksheet wants us to grade garments based on ‘ease’, ‘length’, ‘fullness’ and ‘waistline’. So here goes…

Dresses: I like my dresses somewhat fitted and knee-length. I don’t like them shorter because I don’t want to flash anything when I lift my arms. I like the same fullness as I do on skirts but I like my waistline to be high or natural.


Skirts: I like my skirts knee-length or mid-thigh length. Mid-thigh for me is 10cm above the knee at the shortest. My skirts should be A-line, straight or circle. Basically, all I have to avoid are gathered and pleated skirts since they make me look heavier and shorter than I really am. I feel most comfortable wearing a natural or dropped waistline. 

Trousers: I like my trousers to be fitted but not tight or loose but not baggy. My trousers should all be long, I don’t like calf length or knee-length at all. Waistline should be natural because I don’t want to feel uncomfortable when bending over.


Tops & blouses: I like my tops somewhat fitted or somewhat loose. They should be above hip length or tunic length because I hate it if my tummy gets cold and I like tunic length because I like my backside covered 🙂

Jackets & blazers: I like my jackets fitted and above hip length. I don’t own any blazers and I don’t like wearing them.

Cardigans: I like my cardigans somewhat fitted and above hip length or tunic length. I prefer tunic length so they cover my backside and I can wear them with leggings if I want to (and avoid the leggings aren’t pants discussion)


Outerwear: Outerwear should be somewhat fitted, tunic length and with a natural waistline. I like to show off my shape even when wearing a coat.


Necklines: I only feel comfortable in V-necks, U-necks, cowl-necks and scoop-necks; basically anything that shows off a little skin above my boobs. I don’t like showing off to much cleavage but too much clothing makes me look top heavy.

Sleeves: I wear every type of sleeve except spaghetti straps (too much skin) or full length sleeves (I have short arms and always roll up my sleeves anyway)

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