The One with The Blue Itty Bitty Baby Dress

During one of her naptimes (well, a few of them) I managed to cut out 4 Itty Bitty Baby dresses, the free newborn baby dress by Made by Rae.
I cut the larger size as I wanted this to fit her a little bit longer. Since these need very little fabric I cut out two blue chambray and two pink cotton poplin ones (I still have 15m of the poplin left). I wanted to make matching tights since I didn’t want her legs to be cold and all she has for ‘pants’ are pajama onesies so I used the free tights pattern by Made by Rae as well. I still had a cut out maternity shirt left, which never got sewn so I used that to make two pairs of tights . I used an owl print Stenzo interlock knit to cut out 2 more pairs of tights and matching (faux) patch pockets to put on 2 of the dresses.


I started with all 4 pairs of tights at once, which only took me 30 minutes. Super fast, super easy, I’m in love.

I’ve only managed to make one dress so far but it’s so very very cute! The pattern is a breeze to sew, although I need to find a better way to do the gathering (gathering stitches never seem to work well for me). I want to try out the gathering foot on my overlock, but since i don’t know how much it gathers, I’ll have to play around with it first. The dress did take longer than anticipated but that’s because of the gathering and the topstitching.

The dress is the size I thought it would be, but because it doesn’t have any closures, it won’t fit her as long as I had hoped since I still need to get it on. 🙂 The shoulder straps are great to nibble on when she looses her pacifier. The tights are still a bit long, but that’s ok since the pattern was meant for a 3-6 month old.

finished product

I love the result! And she loves it too and even told all about her pretty dress to the baby in the mirror (she started talking to herself in the mirror this week).
And doesn’t she look exactly like a little Disney Princess?


Since this dress is blue, it is obviously a #bluefebruary make!

10 thoughts on “The One with The Blue Itty Bitty Baby Dress

  1. So cute! Emily’s a little “belle”. =)

    A gathering trick: stitch your first row of basting stitches right on the line you plan to sew and a second row between that and the fabric edge (within the seam allowance). Knot the thread tails of the two rows of stitching together (there will be four knots – one on each side on each end). Pull your threads and make the fabric as tight as you can. Straighten out the tight gathers across the stitching rows. Then spread the gathers back out to match the other flat pattern piece it matches up to. Pin and stitch right on the first gather row you made, adjusting while you sew. With a little practice, you will soon have perfect gathers. =)


  2. How adorable! Make a white Bapron of yours too just for that outfit and it is perfectly Belle!
    PS: Belle is the best “princess”!


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