Wardrobe Architect Week 5

In week 5 we looked at our colours. I’ve done a post about my colours some time ago. Since then I’ve updated them and for this exercise I’ve added the names. (Mostly because not every screen shows them in the same way)

I’m an autumn type, I had my colours done a few years ago and I must say that they weren’t a big surprise. I tend to pick out the colours that suit me. Too bad fashion seems to disagree with my preferences 🙂 Luckily that’s where sewing comes in 🙂

I don’t have seperate winter or summer colours, I just wear any colour at any time 🙂


9 thoughts on “Wardrobe Architect Week 5

  1. Did you notice that your blog template is in you “colors” too? I used to do color analysis and “Autumns” are not as numerous as the other seasons, so that probably has a bearing on manufacturers’ choices in fabric selection. My daughter is an Autumn- “earth tones” as she describes her wardrobe – lots of your colors her closet!

    Nice job!


  2. I haven´t done a professional color analysis yet ( not in the budget of a college student 😉 ) but from the different tests in the internet I guess I´m autumn too!
    And even if I´m not I´ll still just wear those color, cause they feel best.

    Love your color palette! It´s so well done and pretty! How did you do that? With which programm I mean ( sorry I´m not a native speaker in english).
    I would wear most of your palette, maybe except the pink shades and the tomato 🙂


    1. Thanks for the compliment, I used Keynote for Mac but you could do the same with Powerpoint. And don’t worry, I’m not a native speaker either 🙂


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