The One with the Wardrobe Architect Epiphany!

You guys, I just had THE best idea! Probably due to the fact that it’s 3 am, I just fed the baby and I should be sleeping, but no, I’m wide awake and thinking about sewing!

You all know I’m following along in the Colette Wardrobe Series and that the last two weeks she had us pick out our colours and our palette.


Well, I was playing around with my colours in Keynote on the iPad (well, the baby needs feeding a lot and when doing so I’ve only got use over one hand and a girl needs to do something with all that ‘free’ time) and I had the idea of dividing up my colours into categories.

Let me explain. The colours I picked are the colours I feel comfortable in and that I like wearing, but I don’t like them for just any type of clothing. For instance, I like salmon and dusty pink, but I would never (then again, never says never) wear them as a bottom. Same goes for cream. The opposite is true as well, I wouldn’t wear solid black as a top (apart from camis) because it makes me look pale and pasty.

So I divided them into top colours and bottom colours.


I then took it a step further and decided to pair up every bottom colour with matching top colours. I even added camis and tight colours as to make little rectangle shaped outfits. (I know that camis and tights are not always needed, but still) It was surprising how easy this was by just using the solid colours to guide me. I wasn’t distracted by the types of bottoms and types of tops, because that doesn’t really matter yet.

(1 = camis, 2 = top, 3 = bottom, 4 = tights)









But that’s not the genius part! My previous attempts at making a suitable wardrobe failed because I didn’t know how to prioritise and I didn’t know where to start building my wardrobe.
But this time it felt so obvious. I just pick a colour and start from there. I like things organised so the logical step is to pick the lightest colour first and work my way up the darker colours. Let’s start off with yellow (mustard). I have a mustard coloured knit in my stash and it would be awesome if I used it to make a Renfrew with white birds stamped on it! When that one is finished I can go on with orange (rust), red (tomato, burgundy) and so on…. It also gives me a chance to tick off everything I already have. I already have a pair of teal and burgundy pants I like (the ‘I like’ factor is very important here), so making a new pair isn’t a priority!

I feel so inspired! And happy! Let’s crank up that machine and start sewing. But maybe not right away, now I need some sleep because in 2,5 hours the baby needs to be fed again. Goodnight!

PS I know this post doesn’t talk about dresses, but that is just because I like dresses in all colours. A girl can never have too many dresses. I need MOAR dresses!!

9 thoughts on “The One with the Wardrobe Architect Epiphany!

  1. What a cool way to organise your colours! it’s neat to see what colours you feel comfortable wearing with other colours, and which bottom colours go with the most top options! Can’t wait to see how it all plays out! 🙂


  2. What a brilliant idea! Just yesterday I finally sorted my pallette & organised it into neutrals, neat neutrals & accents, but this makes so much more sense! Yay, I’m heading back to the computer, thanks for switching on the light! 🙂


  3. Ooooh great idea! I’ve not decided on my colors yet so I can’t try this out, but once I figure out what colors I like I think I’ll try your top/bottom method! Can’t wait to see the garments!


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