The One with the Bapron

My baby is a spitter, a cute one, but a spitter non the less. It’s amazing that she grows like she does, considering all the milk she doesn’t keep down.

She isn’t bothered by it and if it were just about extra laundry nor would I be. But she doesn’t like to change clothes, so having to do it 5-6 times a day because she’s covered in milk, isn’t making her any happier.

So I had to think of something. And when I came across the Bapron (baby apron), I felt like I found my answer.
It seems like the perfect solution to keep her clothes from getting soaked everytime and it doesn’t turn around like her bibs do, because she’s one lively little baby 🙂

So despite the fact that the pattern is meant for 6 month old babies and older, I ordered the pattern straight away.
I had to be in town anyway so I picked up some fat quarters and bias tape to get started.

I knew the pattern would be way too big so I took a gamble and scaled it at 75%. It worked like a charm, perfect size for my 7 week old baby. (7 weeks already, time flies!)
Because it was so small I managed to get 4 baprons out of 1 fat quarter. For backing I used a cheap towel in a matching colour.
Sewing it up was fairly easy, I only fiddled a bit with the bias binding.

I love the result and it’s been tested already! Works like a charm 🙂



Update: I made two more and I’ve got another one cut out but ran out of bias tape.

Doesn’t she look cute!


As far as sewing for myself goes, I’ve been buying fabric and patterns. I’ve been glueing, tracing and cutting them. But there hasn’t been any actual sewing. It’s just so hard to leave the baby alone to go to my sewing room, even if she’s napping 🙂 I haven’t got a table in our temporary living room so I can do all the prep work but not the sewing itself.

3 thoughts on “The One with the Bapron

  1. Aww cutie! That looks like the perfect solution. I’m sure you’ll get more sewing time once she’s a bit older. And yes! Time does fly. My youngest nephew is just about a year old :S


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