The One where the Evil Masterplan worked

When I was pregnant I wanted to sew as much as I could in the hope my baby would get used to the sound of the sewing machine. That way, once she was born I could use her as an excuse to sew more. “But I need to sew honey, it calms down the baby!”

And apparently it worked. I bought a baby carrier today so I could carry her around and get things done around the house. In the evenings she tends to get a bit fussy and I decided to put her in, get behind my sewing machine to see if it would work. She instantly calmed down and fell asleep! I feel like a true evil genius.

And sewing with a baby carrier around my body isn’t even as hard as I thought. The sound of her snoring is a bit distracting though 😉

Calm and sleepy baby
Calm and sleepy baby with her new baprons.

8 thoughts on “The One where the Evil Masterplan worked

  1. Awesome! That’s one of the reasons I still like to sew standing up. I set my machine on my high top counter and when my kids were little used to wear them while I sewed – back carries work great for this!


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