Wardrobe Architect Week 7

This week was all about prints vs solids. I have a lot of solids in my stash but I find it difficult to sew with them because I’m afraid they’ll make me look boring. That being said, I do need more solids in my wardrobe. So I’ll have to find a way to make them work. I love prints but they are difficult to work into outfits. To avoid problems, I try to stick to prints in dresses and t-shirts/tops to pair with jeans (for now). This is what I’m drawn to lately. They are a mixture of geometric prints, … Continue reading Wardrobe Architect Week 7

The One where It Finally Starts Looking Like A House.

So this is how it looks now. The living room on top. Still needs wallpaper/paint, laminate flooring, shelves on the wall and sofa covers. But apart from that it’s finished 🙂 Dining room at the bottom. Still needs wallpaper/paint and laminate flooring. And I have to shorten the drapes 🙂 We’ve decided to keep our furniture for now as I really love the fact that it’s true vintage (I inherited it!) My husband isn’t into all this vintage, he likes things quite minimal and modern, but we haven’t got any money to buy new furniture so for now he gave … Continue reading The One where It Finally Starts Looking Like A House.

The one where I made pillows

Over the weekend we’ve moved our living room downstairs. It’s such a relief, because now I can do all the normal stuff without having to leave the baby alone. Since we haven’t got any doors downstairs yet, it’s basically one giant room so I can get to here so much faster 🙂 I love how bright it is downstairs and the fact that I can both see my garden and look out on the street. I never realised I missed it since our previous apartment only had skylights. I’m actually a bit sorry I took the bigger backroom as my … Continue reading The one where I made pillows