The One where It Finally Starts Looking Like A House.


So this is how it looks now.

The living room on top. Still needs wallpaper/paint, laminate flooring, shelves on the wall and sofa covers. But apart from that it’s finished 🙂

Dining room at the bottom. Still needs wallpaper/paint and laminate flooring. And I have to shorten the drapes 🙂

We’ve decided to keep our furniture for now as I really love the fact that it’s true vintage (I inherited it!) My husband isn’t into all this vintage, he likes things quite minimal and modern, but we haven’t got any money to buy new furniture so for now he gave me the go ahead to make it work. At times like these I’m happy to have studied interior design.

I’ve been pinning away lately but I think I finally figured out what I want. A few years ago I bought a digital radio designed by Orla Kiely. She’s an Irish designer and has truelly amazing stuff. Not everything is within our budget but I fell in love with her wallpapers. I would have gone all out and would have chosen the wallpaper that matches the radio, but the hubby didn’t agree, so I’ve almost convinced him of this alternative. I love the fact that it’s so bright and sunny. We haven’t got a huge open kitchen/dining room/living room but we do have a lot of natural light. I wouldn’t use it on every wall, just on the two walls behind our vintage furniture.




Ofcourse I will need matching accessories and one of them is matching pillows (1, 2 ,3 & 4) and seat covers. I’m not sure yet whether I want to buy these or just stick to the colour palette but as you can see the autumn colours make it typically me.


We’ve stil got a long way to go but we’re moving in the right direction at least 🙂 And I’m very glad we got this far because we’re having people over both on Saturday and Sunday to celebrate my husband’s birthday …

4 thoughts on “The One where It Finally Starts Looking Like A House.

  1. Love the look of your furniture! I hope you can convince your husband to let you have the wallpaper! Tell him that vintage/retro-mod is short for retro-modern so what you want is modern, hehe. (And minimalism is impossible in spaces where you actually live – especially with a baby/toddler.)


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