Wardrobe Architect Week 7

This week was all about prints vs solids.

I have a lot of solids in my stash but I find it difficult to sew with them because I’m afraid they’ll make me look boring. That being said, I do need more solids in my wardrobe. So I’ll have to find a way to make them work.

I love prints but they are difficult to work into outfits. To avoid problems, I try to stick to prints in dresses and t-shirts/tops to pair with jeans (for now).

This is what I’m drawn to lately.Photo 30-03-14 13 29 00


They are a mixture of geometric prints, abstract florals and polkadots. I like bright colours obviously. The plan was to stick to ‘mature’ prints once I became a mom but that resewlution went out the door really fast!

The prints I really don’t know how to work with are plaids and animal print. Seriously, I loved everything I saw in Jungle January, but it’s absolutely not me. And I just never seem to find any nice plaid fabric.

The prints above are all knit fabrics I bought over the last few weeks, some have already been sewn into something but not yet photographed/blogged.

I’m really excited to get things photographed and blogged because I’ve finally gotten my sewjo back!

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