Wardrobe Architect Week 8

This week was all about hair, make-up and beauty. Not an easy one to think about because what we want is certainly not always what we have time nor the skills for πŸ™‚


My husband would love me to have Zooey Deschanel hair. And I can’t say I haven’t tried it but since I haven’t got it in me anymore to let it grow out, I’ve had to resort to extensions. But they require so.much.care that I always gave up after a few weeks. Seriously, I’d choose 10 more minutes of sleep over a blow dry anyday.

I’ve had my hair really short, asymmetrical or regular shoulder length. One thing is for sure, I feel best as a redhead, although the shade tends to change each time πŸ™‚

Right now I’ve got chin length hair in the front, slightly shorter in the back because since having a tiny baby my hair is the thing I want to think least about (but still look good).

I’ve finally come to terms with never having long wavy hair, now getting my husband to accept πŸ˜‰

Photo 30-03-14 13 17 08



I started using make-up early on and I still never leave the house without but as you can see in the pictures above, I like things natural. The heaviest make up I ever wore was on my wedding day and although I felt pretty and it looks pretty good in the pictures I felt really awkward all day. I never wear lipstick and although it was a very neutral shade, I felt like people were staring at me.

Those who follow me on instagram might remember the ‘trial make-up’ fiasco, where I asked a beautician to give me smokey eyes for the wedding and I came out looking like I fell into a fireplace filled with ashes.

Photo 30-03-14 13 44 50


The one I did myself on the left, the ‘professional’ on the right. You see the difference. My daily make-up usually consists of foundation powder because I’ve got quite bad skin at the moment (stupid post pregnancy hormones), blush, eyeliner and mascara. Going all out for me means adding eyeshadow πŸ˜€


I’ve always had bad skin so finding the right beauty products has been a trial and error kind of journey. Right now I’m using all organic make-up productsΒ by Alexami. Seriously, this stuff is amazing, it’s the first time my skin is actually improving instead of looking worse. The fact that it’s vegan, organic, non-toxic and not tested on animals makes it even better! If you ever get the change, try them.

My daily facial creams/moisturizers are by OrganicSpa, again vegan, organic, non-toxic and not tested on animals (I’m not advertising this stuff, I just LOVE it!) I am quite a collector though, I prefer to buy everything from the same brand because otherwise I think it looks weird on my bathroom sink;Β which ends up looking quite cluttered. I haven’t found a good balance yet πŸ™‚


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