The One where I bought the entire bolt!

Today I went to an exhibition about 60 years of television with two co-workers/friends and the baby. More about the exhibition in a later post cause I had the opportunity to take some pictures of a recent make!

But I also had the opportunity to visit a lovely fabric store, which I only get to visit about once a year cause it is is quite far from home.

I walked out with two remnants and an entire bolt 🙂


Top left: a white and blue striped sweaterknit which will make a great comfy summer cardigan.
Top right: a floral jersey which I hope will make enough for a Lady Skater.
Bottom: I fell in love! It’s a synthetic linnen, probably more suited for decoration but it has a lovely drape and don’t get me started on the colours… Seriously, this was love at first sight. I loved it so much and at €2,50/m I took home the remaining 9m (!) on the bolt. Doesn’t it have Dolly Clackett written all over!

So I’m very happy with what I took home. But that’s not all I bought.


Top: two sets of really cute appliques. It’s kind of hard to decide whether they’ll be for the baby or for me 🙂
Bottom left: I bought her a backpack because she starts daycare in two weeks and I needed a bag to put all her stuff, I thought this one was really cute and next year she can carry it herself.
Bottom right: COULD.NOT.RESIST the applique owl pillow. I’m thinking of making a pattern out of it so I can make more. They’ll make a great scrapbuster!

How’s your weekend? Did you ever love fabric so much, you took home the entire bolt?

4 thoughts on “The One where I bought the entire bolt!

  1. Great buys! I literally made an owl pillow last week for the sister of my boyfriend (she was over the moon, yes!)
    It’s really cute, but the applique eats thread. Meters of it!
    Speaking of foxes, where is your fox dress?


  2. Foxes and Owls FOREVER! 🙂 That backpack is just adorable – do they make it for grown up size people? Lol! I really like the fabrics you got, especially the two remnants! One time I bought the rest of a bolt of this floral knit fabric that was super soft and CHEAP! I mean, how can you resist? 😉


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