Last year I gave up on Me Made May after a week, on the one hand my pledge was too severe and on the other hand I wasn’t feeling to good at the time. Turned out I wasn’t feeling well because I was pregnant.

This year, I’m not pregnant (although, I wish I was :D) and I’m keeping it real with my pledge.

When sewing I tend to stick to the easier patterns because I want to have something new with minimum effort 🙂 It hasn’t changed with the baby. One thing that has changed is that I pay more attention to finishing and details so I want to keep this up! But I want to venture into different sorts of patterns. Let’s say a minimum of one per week?

I have some UFO’s which all require only a half an hour of work, so they need to get finished.

So this year:

‘I, Stephanie of Love – Teach – Sew, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ‘2014. I endeavour to wear at least 5 handmade garments each week for the duration of May. Repeats are allowed if I reach my quote of 5 garments a week. I also endeavour to sew 4 new and different patterns in May, as well as finish my UFO’s.

I’m feeling pretty confident about this one and hopefully I’ll make it through this year 🙂

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