The Fear of Cutting into Fabric

Ever since I got pregnant my weight has been fluctuating quite a bit. I lost nearly all of my pregnancy weight about a week after I gave birth. Since then I’ve tried losing some more because I didn’t feel comfortable the size I was. But with all the “new mom, back to work, renovating the house” kind of stress, instead of my weight going down, it went up. I’m an emotional eater and I’ll always be.

Now that our kitchen is finally finished, I have a proper space to cook again, so I’ve got no more excuses to not go on a diet.

Or at least, I still have one and in my head it’s a valid reason because it’s also the reason why I’ve lost my sewjo.

I’ve got all these pretty fabrics in my stash which I’m afraid to cut into because what if I loose a lot of weight and the clothes I make don’t fit me anymore. Then I will have cut into my precious fabric for nothing. So the obvious choices are 1. don’t go on a diet or 2. don’t sew until I’ve lost the weight.

But I don’t feel good in the clothes I currently have and all my untouched patterns are seriously starting to mock me so I want to sew, I want to make pretty clothes I feel good in, nevermind what size I am (or getting). Also sewing releases stress which would reduce the emotional eating 🙂 (only selfish sewing does this btw)

So am I the only one whose afraid to cut into fabric because I might rapidly not be able to wear them anymore or am I just being plain silly and do I need to get over myself … Seriously, genuine question!

15 thoughts on “The Fear of Cutting into Fabric

  1. I totally have this problem too! I’ve lost 20kg in the last 2 years (with 20 more to lose) and I’ve definitely held off on cutting into precious fabrics because of it. And indeed, I’ve gotten rid of everything I’ve sewn during those two years, because it doesn’t fit any more. Which is a shame, for sure (although I gave them to Goodwill, so someone somewhere is enjoying them, hopefully).

    Basically, I figure I like sewing, and I like wearing the things I sew, even if it’s just for a short while, so I’m happy to use pretty fabrics to make myself feel good.


  2. I understand your hesitation about cutting – it’s no fun to make things you can’t wear very long.

    What if you make things that aren’t so precisely fitted? Try making some elastic waistband skirts, jackets, and knit tops. Another good thing to make are loose dresses that can be worn with a belt for shaping because you just have to fit the shoulder area. Don’t get all discouraged – there are lots of options when you sew! =)


    1. I was thinking about those items as well and nobody says I have to be able to button my jackets for now, it’s summer anyway. Knit wrap dresses might be an option as well. And I guess a swayback adjustment will stay a swayback adjustment no matter if I lose a few pounds.


      1. Yes, your back and shoulders don’t change much with up and down weight. So your normal fitting adjustments won’t be completely different. =)


  3. Tops like the Alma or the Scout Tee are good to show off pretty fabric without using all the yardage and are simple enough to alter once you get some weight off, or skirts with elastic waists which can have a waistband later on ?


  4. I totally have this fear (there are a few items in my wardrobe mocking me right now), as well as the fear or what if I don’t like the garment that I’ve made (which happens a lot) and the fear of what if I mess it up (also happens enough to be a real fear).

    The thing I tell myself is to focus on the making. That’s what I need to enjoy. Not having a garment at the end that I’ll wear forever because nothing last forever. If I enjoy making something, or at least learn from it then no fabric was wasted.


  5. I haven’t sewn any garments since last October because I was trying to get pregnant and now that I am, I don’t want to “ruin” my fabric by only being able to wear maternity clothes for another couple of months. So I can completely understand where you’re coming from. In the end, I’ve chosen to knit instead as my creative outlet and I’m planning to sew dresses again when I’m back to a weight I’m happy with. Good luck with whatever you choose to do – sewing again will make you happy I’m sure! 😄


    1. First of all: congratulations! And I totally get you, I only made ‘meh’ maternity clothes because I didn’t want to cut into my pretty fabrics. Next pregnancy I’m buying pretty clothes instead of sewing.


  6. ACK! I was suppose to cut into some gorgeous fabric to make a birthday dress for myself. My sewjo went out the window after realizing I’ve gained 7 pounds! And like you I lost all the baby weight soon after I gave birth so I know it’s all me that caused that 7 pound gain (and a decrease in my son wanting to nurse).

    I want to lose weight before I make anything. I just can’t cut into my pretty fabrics knowing I hope not to be the size I am now in a few months.

    I feel ya, sista!


  7. This is ME too! I am a little older than you (my baby graduates in 2 weeks!) and I am struggling with weight gain. Then I am really good and lose weight and then I fall off the “wagon” and gain it back! Grrrrr- I love to sew and have SO many things I want to make myself but am not happy with the way I look so it sits and waits! I have a beautiful wool for a Spearmint coat, some floral denim for a Minoru and so many other projects I want to make. But what a waste if/when I lose weight! (Ok WHEN!- thinking positive) At least I have 3 daughters to satisfy my sewing cravings! What I HAVE made for myself and get a lot of wear out of are 3 knit Anna dresses… simple knit tops and this past weekend I made myself a simple jersey Maxi skirt in an Aline in a pretty purple floral with a lilac knit top (SIMPLE). I LOVE it! And I wore it twice already! So I suggest sewing with knits and when you lose weight you can take them in or relegate them to the give away bag. For now my pretty fabrics will need to wait. But hopefully not too long!


  8. I am a foolishly reckless thing! I have no issue with sacrificing gaudy lovelies to the cause! I want to be happy with now me- later me can get another dress!


    1. Haha, I love you! I wish I was more like you, maybe I should just become a bit more reckless. I have to be realistic and realise that the 20kg I need to lose aren’t going to drop off over night 🙂 I might be wearing the clothes longer than I initially thought! You made my day, you really did!


  9. I totally understand, I’m the same way about the expensive fabric in my stash! Which is why I’m constantly rummaging thru the bargain fabric areas to find quality but inexpensive fabric that I don’t feel bad about cutting into.


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