RTW won’t kill me

Last week Summer turned into Autumn. That’s about two months sooner than last year. So naturally I wasn’t ready. After complaining about my wardrobe all Summer I finally decided to clean out my closet. I put away every single piece of clothing that doesn’t fit me anymore so it would be easier to see what I was left to work with. The stats: 1 sweater 12 cardigans 1 faux lambskin vest 2 blazers 3 blouses 1 shirt 2 shirt tunics 6 dresses 1 pair of corduroy trousers 1 pair of corduroy leggings 1 pair of printed leggings 2 bodysuits with … Continue reading RTW won’t kill me

My #Augusttribute

The sewcialist theme for this month is August Tribute (am I the only one who thinks of the Hunger Games when hearing the word Tribute?) So let me tell you about my inspiration! Although you wouldn’t say so based on the stuff I sew, there is one sewcialist I have the sewing hots for (is that even a thing?) Can you guess who? I’ll give you 4 clues… 1. She sews a lot of pretty dresses! 2. She obviously likes slouchy boots. 3. She owns SO.MANY cardigans. 4. We speak the same language! Do you know who it is? That’s … Continue reading My #Augusttribute

Do we tend to overthink our wardrobe?

A few months ago I told you about my wardrobe malfunction/identity crisis. While I’ve managed to feel better about myself and my role as a mother (because, seriously, she’s the cutest baby ever) I haven’t lost any weight and my wardrobe is still a mess. I think the lack of weightloss is due to lack of motivation. Let me explain, I do really want to loose the extra weight but I also really really really really (yes, really) want another baby. Like now! And it seems pointless to loose all the weight now and then just gain it back with … Continue reading Do we tend to overthink our wardrobe?

BFF Nettie twins!

After I made my two Nettie bodysuits I figured it was time for a Nettie dress. I had just bought this spongy ITY knit on sale (and bought 4 metres) and figured this was the perfect fabric for my new summer dress. I made sure to carefully cut the pieces so the stripes matched. I even cut the sleeves to match… But I cut the red on top instead of the blue so I didn’t attach them 🙂 I didn’t make any alterations after my previous Nettie, I just graded out to a bigger size in the hips. I used … Continue reading BFF Nettie twins!

I never knew I needed you but now I can’t live without you! Or yes, I made a Nettie!

It took my best friend and a lot of convincing to get me to pose for these pictures but in the end I’d do anything for the sewing community 🙂 I’d been eyeing the Nettie pattern ever since Heather Lou released it, but due to limited funding I held out. Until I swear, it just fell into my inbox! Oh.my.god you guys, sewcialists are so amazing. And especially Hanne who bought this pattern for me as a belated baby gift 🙂 She figured this pattern was just what a new mommy needed and boy, was she right! I immediately got … Continue reading I never knew I needed you but now I can’t live without you! Or yes, I made a Nettie!